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“Stand by Me” by Rob Reiner

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In the film “Stand by Me” by Rob Reiner, Chris Chambers inspired an important idea of the importance of justice, which may seem hard to achieve but will inevitably lead to good outcomes. In contrast, injustice always leads to bad consequences. Reiner set Chris to show viewers that this idea is important because everyone in the modern society faces injustice in such way as lie, bribery and corruption whereas many people try to pursue the justice at all times. The events he undergoes, such as when he faces Ace for the first time in the film, when he gives voice to his inner pain about his experience to Gordie and when he faces Ace again when they both found the dead kid’s body, clearly show the idea of the importance of justice. One event is when Ace takes away Gordie’s cap, which is very precious to Gordie because it is originally his dead brother, Denny’s. This is when Ace is introduced in the film.

Reiner intends to make the viewer feel inconvenient emotions about Ace, so that the viewer can recognize that Ace is the symbolism of evilness and injustice in this film. Chris Chambers is a strong character because he overcomes the adversity of being raised in a dysfunctional household. He also displays leadership and uncommon maturity in helping Gordie overcome his past and become successful. Chris Chambers is a strong character because he is able to overcome the adversity of his difficult family environment.

His father is an alcoholic and his older brother does not care for him. Eyeball, his brother is a friend of the gang leader Ace and when Ace threatens to burn Chris with a cigarette and even stab Chris, his brother does not stick up for him. When he is with his friends, his friends look up to him. Chris often demonstrates his leadership by taking charge and making decisions on behalf of the group: “Let’s look for some long branches. We’ll build him a stretcher”. He is also very protective of his friends and instinctively protects them when they are in danger for an example “Come on Teddy, man. Get off the tracks you’re crazy.”

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