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Staffing Project Plan

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Job Analysis for each Position

            The first step will be to determine what the responsibilities of the required of the positions. In order to recruit the right and best qualified individual, a job analysis will be done and the staff recruited based on if they meet the requirements.

Job Analysis for Each Position

Station Manager

Employment type                   Full time

Location                                 The United States, city not specified

Job Description

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Supervises the operations that concern handling of cargo at the airport ensuring that they are done in the right way. Over all sales of the facility‚Äôs products making sure that the right procedures are followed. This is accomplished through planning, organizing, directing, supervising and doing follow up. Manages the airport’s day to day operational activities and delivery of services by¬† the ground suppliers and other bodies he interacts with that are¬† relevant so as to attain the desired performance and outcomes in customer service for Oceania Air. Oversees all airport activities that are concerned with load control, passenger service and loading/unloading of aircrafts. Ensures that delivery of all operations and outcomes is strictly done and in accordance with the airline regulations on safety and security and the policies that have been implemented to govern customer service are strictly adhered to.

Has freedom to make decisions that will minimize any adverse operational impact on the airline’s performance. This is accomplished by operating in a way that meets airlines key standards and performing tasks in the best interest of the company’s development through innovation policy. Interacts with ground suppliers so as to monitor measure and seek a way of improving the delivery ensuring that customer service standards are efficient at the airport. Identifies and implements strategies to reduce operation costs in all aspects of the job’s responsibilities. Provides direction and any needed support to other internal departments within the airline when required so that there is balance allowing the different departments work as one group towards achieving its goals. In charge of conducting external supplier auditing of all the ground handling operations when required. In the event of delays or disruptions, informs the ground handling suppliers and provides direction.

Requires Knowledge of;

Management and operations of a busy airport.

All major practices as well as procedures of both landside and airside operations.

Financial practices that are related making budgets for airport operations.

Effective negotiation, supervisory and management principles, skills and practices.

Standards, practices, policies and rules that concern the aviation and airport industry.

The required Skills include the individuals ability to;

Prepare an airport’s operating budget and administer it.

Identify, analyze and evaluate problematic issues, make recommendations that are appropriate in addressing and to affect the courses of action to be taken.

Experience: Experience of at least five years in the airline industry with at least two years experience in the position of a station manager.

Customer Service Agent 

Employment type                   Full time

Location                                 The United States, city not specified

Job Description

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Reports to the sales supervisor. Prepares customers for flights by letting them know of flight arrivals and take offs. This is accomplished by monitoring flights and of customers for flights, monitoring of flights and doing follow up of shipments up to the hand over points. Clears inbound shipments when required and arranges for collection. Delivers customer service excellently in accordance with the airline’s standards and its targets on the outcome. This includes making reservations for the customers, handling telephone sales, ticketing, calculating excess baggage charges and collecting them from customers, documentation of customers credentials and assisting them comply with immigration and customs regulations. Issue travel tickets to customers and do verification of the passenger list to ensure that all passengers have gone through the boarding gates before boarding of the aircraft. Liaise with hotels in the specific states and cities to provide passengers with room reservations.

Requires Knowledge of;

Fluent written as well as written English, other languages such as French, Italian, and Spanish are an added advantage.

Basic and intermediate fares and ticketing

Geography, languages and mathematics.

Computer use and particularity in excel and word.

In handling shipment that is radioactive and temperature controlled

Required Skills and Ability

Good communication skills as well as listening and interpersonal skills.

Computer skills that are well developed.

Ability to provide efficient service to customers in accordance the airlines strategy of developing through innovation.

Able to effectively work on shift


Must be friendly, intelligent, mature and spontaneous.

Experience: Experience of two years in either sales or/and reservation within an airline that is recognized or a well known travel agency.

Ramp Agents

Employment type                   Part time/temporary (on hourly basis)

Location                                 The United States, city not specified

Job description

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Responsible for all operations that involve ground servicing of aircrafts when they are in the airport particularly between flights. This involves preparing for the arrival of aircrafts by making sure that the wheel chocks, the equipment used for unloading the aircraft such as¬† beltloaders and other machines used in servicing and maintenance of aircraft are ready before it arrives. Accepts, assists and accommodates passengers with their luggage for transportation¬†¬† on the Oceana flights. Follows and ensures that security and hazardous material rules are enforced at all locations so that safety to customers and their luggage or property, and the company’s facility as well as its/other aircrafts is maintained.

Completes reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis as required so that there is efficiency in the operations of the aircrafts and the entire facility. Provides safety to customers, employees, guests or any other persons any time they are either on the plane or company property. Give assistance to passengers and customers who may be in need and direct any traffic that caused by pedestrians. Comply with all Oceana Air operating policies and safety procedures. Report to and work under the supervision of the station manager. Marshals aircrafts, carries out loading and uploading and sorts luggage or cargo. Operates machinery used in uploading, loading, sorting, servicing of the aircrafts. Refuels and cleans the grounds ensuring that there is no debris on the tarmac. Cleans the cabins and external surfaces and other company facilities. Services the aircraft lavatory waste tanks and de-ices the wings.

Knowledge required

            The responsibilities involved in this job can be harsh and are very mechanical. This job requires individuals to have knowledge in mechanical maintenance of aircrafts and basic cleaning .

Skills and Abilities

            Applicants need to have at least high school diplomas, those with college diplomas in mechanics are highly advantaged and one year experience in the same position in a busy and recognized airline.

Ability to work on shift and under loud noise though protective wear such as ear plugs are provided.

Ability to work very fast as planes delay due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances.

Administrative Assistant

Employment type                   Part time/temporary (on hourly basis)

Location                                 The United States, city not specified

Job Description

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Sorts mail and distributes it, answers incoming calls and takes messages as well as delivering it and other tasks that are similar to this. Coordinates the supervisor’s schedule and arranges appointments. Compiles material that needs¬† typing and does it. Follows instructions from the supervisor or that which accompanies the document that needs to be typed and determines whether it has been done in the desired format, correct number of copies, in the right priority among other requirements.

Prepares, evaluates and revises materials and documents such as reports, addresses, correspondence, statistical tables and¬† forms from¬† the rough draft to the corrected copy. Proofreads completed material and documents¬† making corrections to ensure that there are no errors. Maintains knowledge of all the resources owned by the company so that they can respond appropriately to questions from internal as well external customers. Verifies totals o any reports forwarded, requisitions and bills by doing computations. Operates and maintains the fax and photocopying machines. Is in charge of keeping the tickler . Arranges, files and codes documents¬† as well as purge files while adhering to statutory governmental and company guidelines. Attends meetings as¬† required and takes notes and minutes as assigned. Orders and maintains office as well as departmental¬† supplies.¬† Organizes the system for storage of data and back up and maintains it. Arranges managers or supervisor’s travel schedules and makes their reservations.

Qualifications and Knowledge;

Applicants need to have at least high school diplomas, those with college diplomas on secretarial studies or reception are highly advantaged.

One year experience in the same position in a busy and recognized airline.

Able to read, comprehend and interpret instructions, memos and correspondence/.

Able to correctly write correspondence

Knowledge in mathematics so as to perform computations.

Ability to effectively use a computer in executing the mentioned tasks particularly knowledge on how to use word, excel, database, entry power point and access.

Ability to learn how to use the company’s administrative software as is required.


Good and well developed communication skills as swell as listening skills.

Baggage coordinator

Employment type                   Permanent

Location                                 The United States, city not specified

Job Description

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Is responsible for assisting passengers with their luggage ensuring that they pass through the right places are checked as required. Ensures security of customer luggage and any other cargo that is loaded or uploaded from the aircraft or is within the facility. Performs these operations while complying with the safety and security procedures so as to ensure that nothing illegal or dangerous passes through the airline ensuring safety of passengers as well that one of the airline’s employees. This accomplished by checking all luggages to ensure that no arms and drugs are being transported through the airline. Coordinates loading, unloading and sorting of cargo and luggage. Coorporates with the governmental and the airline’s security official in ensuring that security and safety is maintained within the facility by reporting any suspicious observations.

Requirements and Abilities

Knowledge in security handling and checking of luggage .

Knowledge in surveillance and investigation of illegal things such as drugs and arms.

Should have a drivers license.

Knowledge in detection of criminals particularly drug traffickers.

Ability to work on shift and under loud noise though protective wear such as ear plugs are provided.

Ability to work very fast as planes could delay due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances.

Ability to interact and relate well with customers. Well developed communication, listening as well as interpersonal skills.

Posses problem solving skills and be capable of further training in terms of security operations in an airline.

Should be healthy and capable of lifting heavy weights.

The Expected Salary Rate

            Job evaluation will be done in order to determine the salary rates. Job evaluation refers to the procedure of determining the value of jobs within an organization in a manner that is systematic (International Labour Office, 1986). The most significant thing is to evaluate the job and not the people doing it. There are various methods used in job evaluation. In our case, two methods will be used. These are; job ranking which involves comparing the jobs in terms of seniority such jobs that are perceived to be more worth to be more worth to the organization as they require more responsibility and skills are ranked higher as they are more senior (Armstrong, Cummins,  Hastings,  & Wood, 2005). The second method will be the point system in which the jobs will be evaluated according to the points they score in terms of the required knowledge and skills in carrying them out (Armstrong, Cummins,  Hastings,  & Wood, 2005).

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† For the above jobs, the salary rates will be determined according to the requirements of the job, the applicants experience, qualification, the location of the job and the benefits.¬† Any job that is very competitive and requires a lot of knowledge, skills and experience will be awarded a higher salary (Heneman, & Judge,1999). The station manager position for example carries with it a lot of responsibility as the person in charge has to take care of employee relations which are a very crucial aspect of any organization. The job also requires a lot of mental and physical responsibility as it involves overall management and supervision of the prepared foods. This job requires multiple skills as the responsibilities involved are diverse. This job can therefore be ranked amongst the most senior jobs in the organization as it is of great worth. Success of the company depends on a very large extend on how this job is run as the responsibilities involved are those that are determine the airline’s competitiveness. In terms of the point system, it scores very highly as it requires high level of education, vast experience, knowledge and skills.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The other jobs will also be evaluated using the same criteria. Since the company values all employees and values everyone’s contribution as they serve in their various capacities, the salaries will be competitive and accompanied with benefits.

The expected salary rates are as follows.;

Position                                              Salary Rate

Station manager                                 $45, 000 per year

Customer service agents                    $ 24,000 per year
Ramp agents                                      $ 15 per hour
Administrative assistant                    $21, 000 per year
Baggage coordinator                         $45,000 per year

The Procedure used in selecting the Best Qualified Candidates

            The staffing director intends to advertise the new jobs on the companies website and newspapers so as to get applicants. The staffing director will give the job profiles which includes the job descriptions and the qualifications required. All applicants will have to send the curricular vitae and resumes regardless of the position they are applying for. The staffing director intends to have employees who are computer literate. The applicants will therefore be required to send their CVs electronically. This will also make it easy to do short listing as it is easy to sort when viewing from the computer via the Internet.

            In order to do short listing for the interviews, the staffing director intends to involve the human resource manager in short listing. Getting a second opinion enhances the quality of the choices made. Those who best fit the descriptions in terms of skills, knowledge and experience will be short listed and invited for the interviews.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The best qualified candidates will selected through the interviews. A panel will be set up consisting of a manager and supervisor from each of the company’s department. The candidates will be expected to have extra knowledge on the company and its departments as8ide from the position they apply for. Those who go through the interviews successfully will under a final elimination stage through two week training in each of the positions. Those who successfully go through the training are the ones that will be recruited. The elimination training is necessary as it enables the company to choose those with skills that are required for the job which are not usually easy to ascertain from an oral interview. Training provides a practical forum for those who are talented, innovative and creative to be noticed hence set apart and be recruited which is just what Oceana Air is counting on or it success and competitiveness.

Legal Considerations that will affect the Staffing Coordinator’s Decisions

            The staffing coordinator will have to ensure that all the labor laws particularly those that prohibit employment discrimination are adhered to. The staffing coordinator will have to ensure that they do not discriminate any applicant on grounds of their age, sex, religion, nation of origin, race and in the case of women, their pregnancy situation. Several laws will have to be complied with to avoid problems. They include ;

            Title VII of the Civil Rights Act that was enacted in 1964 in  response to the massive employment discrimination that was based on religion, national origin, sex and race. It was passed to protect both the employees and those who applied for jobs. This act seeks to create equal employment opportunities particularly for the minority groups in the United States (Loevy, 1997). The Act protects employees and applicants as it prohibits the employer from making pay, promotion or hiring decisions based on the employee or applicants color, sex, race, origin or religion. The employer can also not free or harass an individual based on the mentioned factors (Loevy, 1997).

            The Pregnancy Discrimination Act that was enacted in 1978 which prevents employers from discriminating against job applicants or employees based on their pregnancy condition or childbirth will also have to be adhered with during the recruitment process. The Act protects women in this situation by ensuring that they are treated the same way other employees are, they can not be fired or refuse to be hired based on pregnancy, are not fired for not being able to perform some tasks that are required of them because of the pregnancy, are not fired after they take maternity leave, ensures that insurance plans regard pregnancy-related medical issues same as other medical problems (Guerin, 2007).

            Another Act to be considered is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act enacted in 1967 to protect individuals over the age of forty years from being discriminated against when employment, promotion and other job related decisions were being made. This Act was a response to a situation in which individuals in this group stayed jobless after being dismissed from one job or staying for long without employment which resulted to deterioration in their morale and skills (Gold, 2001).

            The staffing coordinator will therefore have to consider the mentioned laws amongst others to prevent problems with the law as a result of cases being filed through  the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission which investigates and ensures the complainant is compensated and justice done in the event they were truly discriminated against. Complying with these laws will save the company from damage on its reputation that is very characteristic of law suits.

            Since the staffing coordinator intends to use pre-employment tests before recruiting, he needs to consider those tests that are valid and not unlawful to prevent litigation of the company which can occur if care is not taken when choosing tests to use.

Selections devices (pre-employment assessments) to be used

            The staffing coordinator intends to use aptitude tests to test the intelligence  of the applicants particularly for the more permanent jobs. Skills tests which are also legal will also be used to ensure that only those with the required skills are recruited. Medical tests will also be done but the results will remain confidential. This will be done to ensure that those who are physically are recruited for some jobs particularly the baggage coordinator and ramp agents. Drug tests will also be done. This is in compliance with the DOT regulations which requires all employees working in airlines to have histories that are free of drug problems or . Criminal convictions. In order to ascertain this,  lie detector and honesty tests will also be carried out. These assessments will be used because they are very necessary and also legal.

How the Integrity/Drug Testing Portion of the Selection System will be handled

            The staffing coordinator acknowledges that different states have different laws concerning drug testing. While some states allow the tests to be carried out for only those jobs that concern public security, others do not allow them at all. Since the stations are situated in different states, the staffing coordinator intends to consult and seek directions from state department of labor in each of the states so that they carry out the exercise in compliance with the rules of each particular state. This will enable the staffing coordinator to carry out the exercise while upholding the integrity of the applicants legally.

The Estimated Budget for Staffing these Stations

Activity                                  Cost                            Total

Drug test                                $60 per person            $9600

Advertising                            $300                           $300

Training                                  $2,700                        $2,700

Legal Consultations               $2,400                        $2,400

Total cost                               $15000

The estimated budget for effectively staffing all the sixteen stations is $15000.

Measurement Tools to be utilized  to establish the Success or Failure of the Plan.

            In order to assess the whether this recruitment plan is a success or a failure, the performance of the stations will be assessed from the exact period the recruitments are made and these individuals start working.  Customers and passengers will also be asked of their opinion and whether there are any changes that can be noticed (positive as well as negative). Employee evaluation will also be done where the evaluation tests will be based on comparison of the new employees with the older ones (Heneman, & Judge,1999). In the event there is improvement in performance such that there is an increase on sales and customers give a positive survey in terms of customer service, then the plan will be concluded as a success, reduction in sales and increased complains from customers will be an indication of failure in this plan.


Armstrong, M., Cummins, A., Hastings, S., & Wood, W., (2005). Job Evaluation: A Guide to     Achieving Equal Pay.  London: Kogan Page Publishers.

Gold, M. E. (2001). An Introduction to the Law of Employment Discrimination Second edn.       Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Heneman, H. G, & Judge, T. A., (1999). Staffing Organizations. Sixth edn. Boston: Irwin Hill     McGraw.

International Labour Office (1986). Job Evaluation. Geneva. International Labour Office,         1986.

Loevy, R (1997).  The Civil Rights Act of 1964: The Passage of the Law That Ended Racial        Segregation. New York, NY:  State University of New York Press.

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