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Speech Why should school start later

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Why should school start later?
I choose this subject in particular for my presentation because it is an argument in which i had problems for years and I still have. Have you ever wondered how much your life could improve if school started later. Imagine how your mornings could change, instead of rushing and constantly worrying if you could arrive late, you could wake up at 9am: calmly get ready, eat a proper breakfast and arrive fresh and ready at school, setup to study and work hard.

The first reason, and the most important one is that we get more sleep, not only we will benefit of this privilege, but even the school, because there are scientific evidences that proof that if you get more sleep:

• we concentrate more
• it stimulates our creativity
• and it helps our brains to memorize things better and
• reduces hyperactivity and bad moods
• increases happiness
The school could use this method to decrease the student’s bad behavior and make the school a more relaxing and pleasant place to stay.
Clearly an increasement of concentration would bring higher grades from part of the students, and this bring us to the second reason of why should school start later. Students are stressed out every day, because they get low grades, and even though they study all day, they still cannot achieve a higher level, this is because factors studying doesn’t  ensure you a higher level on a particular subject. One of the best ways is to improve your concentration and the main way to improve it is by getting more sleep. But, getting more sleep isn’t as easy at it seems for a teenager, there is always something that prevents you from going to bed early, like: an activity, homework and much more other reasons. And it is not always that easy to program all your week perfectly, this is why I think the school should give us the opportunity to have more sleep by making the school start later. One of the biggest recent problems in the schools these days are bullying and depression, one way to prevent these issues is to give to the students a chance to sleep more. Doctor’s say that a lack of sleep can contribute to depression and having a bad humor during the school, insead a good night sleep could help a moody person to decrease their anxiety. By improving the students mood bullying in schools would decrease. In my opinion one of the most beneficial and positive reasons of why should school start later, is that by getting more sleep you get to have a longer and healthier life. Researches show that by having that by having a longer sleep you can live your life for a longer time and in a healthier way.

This privilege will not only benefit us but even the image of the school, because it would attract more students because of the innovative rule and the image of the school will get even more prestigious because of the increasment’s of the students grades and the nice behaviour of the students.

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