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Speech on Illiteracy

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  • Category: Literacy

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  • Introduction
    • Opening Device: Since centuries, education has played a significant and imperative in the lives of millions of people around the world. In today’s contemporary world, education is considered one of the most important tools that help individuals, families, and even nations to build and develop their own identity in the society. However, still, millions of people are not able to even read, write, understand, and utilize the language to contribute in their societies, who are known as illiterate members of the society
    • Thesis Statement: Today, I would like to converse regarding the issue of illiteracy and its effects, specifically, in the United States.
    • Preview of Main Points: During my speech, I will try to identify the 1) relevant definition of illiteracy, 2) existence of illiterate Americans, and 3) problems that are confronted by illiterate people in the society.

  • Body
    •  Traditionally, people are considered literate when they are able to read and write in their mother tongue. Unfortunately, this level has been downgraded in some developing countries, where people are considered literate when they are able to write their name only. In this regard, such issue confronts a major cultural conflict regarding the relevancy of its definition. For instance, George W. Bush once said, “One of the great things about books is sometime there are some fantastic pictures.”
    • According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, “one should be referred as literate, when he/she is able to utilize printed materials to understand, identify, create, and communicate in a varied manner”.
    • In modern era, a number of steps have been taken to eradicate this social evil; however, developed countries like the United States and Canada have still a number of illiterate people in the countries. The National Institute of Literacy in the United States has specified a number of illiterate cities of the country. For instance, one of the illiterate cities of the USA is Miami, Florida with 63% of illiteracy, followed by East Los Angeles with 57% of rate of illiteracy.

(As governments and private organizations have been unable to eliminate this social evil, illiteracy has resulted in a number of problems that are faced by people in the society.)

  • It is observed by researchers that children of illiterate people are most likely to be illiterate, resulting in continuance of poverty and ignorance. Another major problem confronted by illiterate individuals is unemployment, which results in low-class living, and sometimes, in unhygienic conditions.
  • Lastly, countries having higher rate of illiteracy are more unlikely to be underdeveloped, as higher illiteracy will result in higher amount of unemployment and poverty in the country.
  • Conclusion
    • Summary & Closing Device: During my speech, I tried to identify some basic characteristics of illiteracy, and how, it is damaging lives of millions of people in the United States, as well as, in different parts of the globe. Until now, a number of steps have been taken to curb this social evil; however, it is very imperative that communities should help themselves by educating people in their neighborhood and societies. It is hoped that my speech will be beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals in better understanding of the topic.
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