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Social Studies Sba Argumentative

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The successful of completion of this study would not have been possible without the assistance and co-operation of my mom, dad, bother and cousin Melissa. I acknowledge the steadfast support of my teacher Ms. Wray, who gave me invaluable help and guidance in the preparation of this project. My gratitude to the teachers, students and administrative staff of St. Hugh’s High School who assisted in having the survey completed. Finally to all whom I have not mentioned but have contributed in some way I say a big thank you and to God for giving me the strength and ability to do this project.


St. Hugh’s High School is a traditional high school located in the county of Surrey, Jamaica, and consists of about 12 acres of land from the city of Kingston. The school hosts 1600 girls on a daily basis.

The researcher has been a member of the student body for four (4) years. During this time the researcher has observed a high level of indiscipline amongst the student population. As a result of this it has lead the researcher to conduct a survey to assess the problem students have in obeying the school rules.

Statement Problem
An examination of the attitude of students towards school rules at St. Hugh’s High School.

Problem Statement
Are students responding positively to the schools’ disciplinary?

Research Questions
* What are the measures put in place to maintain order and discipline at St. Hugh’s High School? * How effective are the rules in maintaining discipline?
* What measures can be put in place to further ensure compliance to these rules?


The problem of indiscipline at the St. Hugh’s High School has increased significantly. The researcher became aware of this problem due to numerous complaints from students and teachers. The researcher has chosen this question to investigate what causes this level of indiscipline, what measures can be put in place to maintain discipline and how effective the rules are in order to maintain discipline.

Method of investigation

In order to collect this data the researcher has decided to do a written questionnaire which will be distributed to students. This questionnaire has numerous advantages three of which are listed below; * Questionnaires are more objective as standard questions are asked of each student * The data is quick to collect

* It guarantees confidentiality as students identity remains anonymous

Instrument Used To Collect Data

Dear students,
This is a survey being carried out at the St. Hugh’s Highs School to examine the students’ towards school rules at this institution. It has been observed that there have been numerous deviations from stated rules of the school by students. This has resulted in the activation of the disciplinary code by the school’s authority. This survey is being carried out to assist in the process of finishing the researcher’s Social Studies School Based Assessment.

Procedures used to collect data
St. Hugh’s High School has a student population of 1600 girls. A total 25 questionnaires were prepared and distributed to students of different grades. 24 questionnaires were returned representing 96% of what was issued. This survey was conducted on November 27, 2011 and the data was collated on November 28, 2011. The researcher therefore decided to randomly distribute the questionnaires to different grades.

Presentation of Data

The bar chart above illustrates that 36% of student rebel against school rule because of peer pressure, 24% say lack of proper guidance, while 24% claims that teachers are not enforcing enough discipline, and 16% claims that student are not aware of school rules.

The column chart above shows the extent to which school rules is violated. It can be seen that 60% say daily, 24% says weekly, while 8% claim monthly, and 8% claim yearly.

The pie chart above illustrates that 60% of respondent claims that school rules have a positive effect on students, while 40% claims that the school rule have a negative effect up on them.

The bar chart above shows ways in which breaking of school rule can be prevented. With the response from the students it is clear that 40% of the student claims that counseling is needed to prevent student from breaking school rules, while 40% says that information about the effects of such act is needed, and 20% claim that proper parenting during childhood is needed.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Students of St. Hugh’s are expected to abide by the schools’ rules however the survey found that 36% of students who rebel against the school rules, do so because of peer pressure, 24% say lack of proper guidance, while 24% claims that teachers are not enforcing enough discipline, and 16% claims that student are not aware of school rules.

The school rules are to be obeyed at all times. The survey found however that 60% of students disobey the school rules on a daily basis; 24% says weekly, while 8% claim monthly, and another 8% claims yearly.

On the other hand the survey found that 60% of students say that the school rules has a positive effect on them while 40% say that the school rule has a negative effect on them.
The percentage of students who think that breaking the school rules can be prevented is as follows 40% of respondents claim that counseling can prevent students from disobeying the school rules while 40% says that information about the effects of such act is needed, and 20% claim that proper parenting during childhood is needed.


From this survey it has been revealed that;
* Students break the school rules as a result of peer pressure (36%) * School rules are broken on a daily basis (60%)
* Conselling and information about the school rules was found to be a means of preventing students from disobeying the school rules (40% each)


The rules and regulations of each school are the laws of that school community. Students, parents and staff all have responsibilities as members of a school community. It is therefore incumbent on each member to: 1. Respect and follow the rules of the school community;

2. Respect the rights of other members of that community; and 3. Help meet educational goals through cooperation.
Disciplinary action can range from an oral warning to expulsion. The principal or her designate will try to apply discipline that is appropriate in most situations. However, the disciplinary action applied in any particular case will depend upon the specific circumstances, and the principal reserves the right to apply whatever disciplinary action is appropriate in each case. The appropriate level of discipline requires professional judgment and should be based on an individualized evaluation of the conduct and the student involved.


Ramsawak, R and Umraw, R.R (2001) Modules in Social Studies with SBA guide and CXC questions.:Trinidad, R.P.L Ltd. http://www.behavioradvisor.com/AssertiveDiscipline.html January 28,2012.

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