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Social ills

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Social ills are issues that relate to society’s perception of people’s personal lives. Nowadays, the common social ills faced by society are truancy, violence, erosion of culture, drug abuse, cyber-relationship to mention but a few. Internet is the main cause of today’s social ills, I totally agree with this statement because it causes addictions, obsessions and depressions. To begin, internet causes addiction. Internet is all accessible to anyone without age limit nor gender. Having an unlimited access to the Internet turns many people to addicts. Before advent of internet, there is no online games, online gambling games and pornographic addictions. Internet causes online games addiction which have even caused deaths. To illustrate, in China and South Korea, there are cases of young parents neglected their newborn baby while busy creating new high scores in online games for days. They mistreated their child because for them, playing online games were more essential than babysit their child. Other than that, ICT causes pornographic addiction especially to the teenagers . With endless access to all sorts of pornographic materials, people turn into addicts in no time.

Before ICT, pornographic materials are not that easily available and now, by only ticking a certain box to indicate your age, even young kids could access these types of unsuitable content. It is obvious that ICT gives way to addiction with its unrestricted accessibility and this leads to social ills. Third, ICT causes obsessions. ICT makes people obsessed with celebrities of many kinds, entertainers, sportsmen and public figures. Before ICT, we read about celebrities on newspapers or magazines but ICT provides more sources. Worse, ICT permits and even encourages stalking. Social networking sites like Twitter, glorifies stalking because a user gets to ‘follow’ anyone they want . It used to be that a stalker needs to physically follow a celebrity but now one can stalk anybody, not just celebrity. Before ICT, stalking is not announced and not publicly done. Besides, a trend used to take some time before reaching our shore but with ICT it’s just a matter of seconds. Any trend is a worldwide trend with ICT. Therefore, more people become fashion victims because they are obsessed with anything new. For example, one who is obsessed with fashion might emulate a fashion trend of an idol but it might not be in accordance withour cultural values or even weather. In addition, with ICT, obsession gets moreoutlets.

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