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Simon’s training

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1. Measures to be used to evaluate Simon’s training Training is an important means of human resource development. It can not only create value for the organization, but also gain a competitive advantage for organizations. It also helps companies to meet the new challenges and adjustments. The importance of training is no doubt, but how effective is the training? Therefore, evaluation of training effectiveness is necessary. There have different measures to be used to evaluate Simon’s training. Evaluate level refers to the measurement of training experience for students with different levels of response to learning outcomes. In general, the evaluate level for the reaction level, learning level, behavior level, the results level. 1) Reaction It always uses interview to ask some questions to measure. 2) Learning It can use pencil-and-paper tests and work sample to determine. The main determination of the trainees compared with the pre-training, whether they master more knowledge, more skills and improve the attitude after training. 3) Behavior Relevant people can measure trainees by evaluate their working performance. 4) Results It can through a variety of indicators to measure. Examining the outcomes of a program helps in evaluating its effectiveness. Training outcomes can be categorized as cognitive outcomes, skill-based outcome, affective outcomes, results, and return on investment.

The case refers to ‘I need to know how you are going to deliver the next one since management wants us to prove that training will help improve performance.’ This involves the Behavior Level. It is the skill-based outcomes. The case refers to ‘We need to show top management that your course has an impact on people’s performance.’ This involves the Results Level. The trainees identify and compare of costs and benefits of the program in order to return on investment. The case refers to ‘Some participants even say they enjoy coming to my course very much.’ This is about the Reaction Level. This shows the trainees are satisfied with training.

2. Management’s expectation from a training program With globalization and the market economy, more and more enterprises pay attention to human resources management. The training of trainees is an important part of human resources. It is the best shortcut for trainees to blend into the company. Training is an effective way for enterprises to get sustainable development of human resources.  Training helps trainees to update their knowledge. With the development of science and technology, more and more knowledge update everyday. Therefore, it must strengthen the trainee’s training; accelerate the renewal of our knowledge. Training program can access the required expertise quickly, increase capacity, high efficiency.  Training arouses the enthusiasm of trainees.

In a sense, training is a reward for trainees; benefits for them learn new knowledge and increase their abilities. It is an opportunity for them to improve their skills and enhance the ability of interpersonal relations. Trainees get a raise in capacity. Their working will be more motivated.  Training help increase company efficiency. Through training, the trainees can reduce errors in the work and reduce losses due to errors. So, it can improve the quality of work and bring more benefits for the company.  Training can increase the quality of company Training can make the people who have difference values, beliefs and different work styles and habits according to business requirements. The company becomes unified and harmonious.

The company hopes trainees to use new skills and behavioral approach that they learn from training, which can bring the effectiveness of their work. Management required training not only help employees to achieve the best performance, but also combined organization’s business objectives and strategies at the same time. To achieve the best performance result, organizations need continuous training system planning, operation procedures, willingness to work. When provide training, ensure that the employees for support to achieve goals expectation, and consciously take responsibility to get the change.

3. How to measure Simon’s effectiveness as a trainer How to measure the success of a trainer? It is not the ultimate standard of what he could say or what he said. But he said words that really effective in influence the behavior and thinking of the trainees. I think a good trainer should stand in their existing level and solve the most urgent and most critical issue. They must according to the level of trainees, condition and environment of companies to train them more effectively. If there is a trainer from large enterprises, when he faces the trainees of small or medium enterprises and talk about the experience that he was in a large enterprise.

The trainees may not well know and understand what he said. The different enterprises have different situations. Although the trainer got the outstanding performances in the large enterprises, he must have other methods to train when faced the different companies. The good trainers should have some characteristics:  Affinity It may make trainees feel no sense of distance communication with you, trusted, have great enthusiasm, giving a feeling of contact with you.  Influence The trainer use the know ledges and all available sources to help others or affect others to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Through changing the trainees’ know ledges, skills, attitudes, and even behavior, to ensure the standards as expected employees to complete their commitment or level or will undertake the task.  Ability to inspire others In fact, many parts of the trainees are not a lack of knowledge and skills, but lack of action and self-confidence, the reason is fear of failure. As a successful trainer, he allows trainees to recognize their own feelings and values, to gain and achieve their highest goals.

Trainers will be able to stimulate intrinsic motivation rather than external pressure and trainer’s belief is that the trainees develop their potential.  Responsible for the validity of training 1) Effectiveness To evaluate the contents of training, ensure the trainees have changed in their behavior or action after training. Trainer gives participants effective guidance in cognition, analysis, program implementation and other aspects as much as possible. 2) Pertinence Before training, the trainer will be able to understand the demand of trainees. And help them to find the source of problems through the training. Then give cast studies and recommendations. 3) Interesting Corporate training and school education is different from the main education to “teacher” and the training to “trainee” based. Trainers teach as much as possible to provide relaxed environment and humorous teaching method, but must with the subject. Of the trainees, training is no longer as pressure, pain psychology, having a relaxed attitude to learning. 4) Case study There are various training methods.

To meet the needs of students and the effectiveness of the course, case study will join the course that make the course rich and varied. However, the choice of cases must be careful and repeated scrutiny before class. Trainer should have the ability to investigate and analysis with trainees. According this case, I think Simon is not a good trainer, but he has some characteristics of trainer. “As the participants left the room, someone asked if Simon wanted to join them for a drink but Simon turned them down.” Participants are all like him, and like him as a friend. “Simon put up a show with plenty of jokes during training and accomplishing nothing. Participants loved this as a form of entertainment and therefore seldom took the training seriously. ” For the trainees, Simon has sufficient affinity.

And he also provides participants relaxed environment to study. But Simon did not accomplish anything during training. So his boss, Serene wants he to prove that training will help improve performance. And asked him, “we need to show top management that your course has an impact on people’s performance.” We emphasized how important as a trainer in the training. A good trainer will help trainees and bring benefits to the company. From this case study, we know how to evaluate one’s training and what the factors the trainers must have. Training can help employees develop skills needed to perform their jobs, which directly affects the business. Giving employees opportunities to learn and develop creates a positive work environment, which supports the business strategy by attracting talented employees as well as motivating and retaining current employees.

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