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Should schoolboys be allowed to have long hair

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With the development of society, people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes in many aspects. New lifestyle, new ideas and new culture impact on the manner of thinking. As the forefront of the times, the young people are the leader and follower of the trend. An increasing number of young people challenge the traditional dress code by wearing the personality clothes. For example, they often wear broken jeans rather than wearing the suits; the girls like their hair dyed colors to highlight the personality rather than to be a good girl in family; boys have begun to wear earring and have long hair to make them different. Facing of these changes, many people can not accept, especially the elderly. They think that these behaviors break the social ethics, and corrupt the social morality. But a growing number of people have started to understand this phenomenon from different perspectives. In this essay, I will focus on one aspect – should boys are allowed to stay long hair? In my opinion, schoolboys also can have long hair like girls, and the school has not the right to interfere. But some people insist opposite idea that it is not right of schoolboys to have long hair. So firstly I will introduce their basic standpoints, then I shall refute these ideas one by one according to gave my reasons and some examples.


Actually, in modern times, people formed a traditional aesthetic standards. It is the male should have a short hair, while long hair is the exclusive preserve of women. Short hair for men is even more dynamic、spirit and clean. When seeing a long-haired man, it will be the first impression that he is not a good man because it is a violation of this standard. In the eyes of the vast majority of Chinese people, long hair is generally regards as the sign of those frustrated writers and lonely artists. From the beginning of the 19th century, many counties ban the male to have long hair by various of ways, including soft ways and strong ways. (Guo Chun-lin et al 2007) said, in China’s history, each dynasty had its stories related to hair. It seems that since Ming and Qing Dynasty, China’s politics has been tied to the hair more tightly. The hair even became the complex of the nationality which couldn’t be explained easily. Take china for example, many male cut his long hair to indicate that they support science and democracy, when the democracy revolution over threw Qing government.

Another, some school officers said student should pay attention to his instrument. Many schools have made many provisions in this area: girls do not dye hair, and are not allowed to wear strange clothing; boys may not stay long hair, even girls must also stay short hair in some schools. They believe the rule makes the school more normalization. As a part of school, student should observe these rules of school. In other hand, teachers are worried that students spend too much time in their appearance, instead of paying attention in studying. It is bad for student to emphasis on external beauty while ignoring the training of the intrinsic quality.

But, as a younger, I do not agree with the above ideas. I will give three reasons to support my standpoint. Firstly, as we all know the history of the world, in the ancient day males always have long hair, such as the gentlemen in 18th century of France and England and the people in the old dynasties of China. They think the long hair make themselves more handsome. Handsome looks leads to greater confidence. Another it makes them appear different and standout.

For example, people identity and image and expressing their personality creativity by the style of his hair. At last, the length of hair also stands for power and status in some countries and areas. In China, depending on the change of age and social rank, the style of hair is different. So it is wrong that some people have some the prejudice on schoolboys who wear long hair. They think them womanish and take them upon. In fact, we should take their hobby or this phenomenon as normal. They should not be discriminated because we have our own view on beauty. We should receive and respect other chooses.

Secondly, schoolboys wear long hair which doses not resist the law. As we know, many countries manage state affairs according to law. Under the rules of law, so does the management school? So far, there is no any law or regulations which forbid the schoolboy have long hair. Furthermore, they have their right and freedom to choose the life which they prefer including choosing the hair style (John, Stuart, Mill. 1978). Even if some school made some rules, we can still doubt whether these rules made by them fit to the law, and fit to the moral criteria. In my opinion, everyone expresses personality by kinds of ways, especially the young people. Such as, they enjoy singing the vague song; girls like wearing the stranger style clothes and boys like having long hair. If the self-expressed do not disobey the law and the morality, the school should not interfere much more, by contrary; the behavior will damage the creativity of younger. (Iozzi, L. et al. 1998)

Neat creates the Perception that the school is very professional and well run. But we can not say a long-hair boy is not neat., only if he know how to tidy it up. As we know, we can not make sure that having short hair must improve school performance. For example, if a short-haired boy only eats drinks and plays on the outside every day, he will tarnish the school’s reputation. On the contrary, a long-haired boy often makes their hair clean and neat and can concentrates on his study, so that the outside world will give the school the best praise. If a school wants to won a good reputation and receives the admiration depending on its academic success. The strict dress code does not play the most important part. Furthermore, in fact, paying attention to appearance does not conflict with learning. A student who has a good plan can deal with the relationship of two aspects well.

Thirdly, the modern world advocates the equal status between man and woman. That does not only mean woman have the equal right in many aspects with man, but also man have the same right in some facts. Because of the restriction of traditional aesthetical standards, it seems that the long hair only belongs to the female. In fact, hairstyle depends on the person’s face and the temperament rather than on the basis of the sex. If a long-haired girl whose face fit for the shot hair will make people feel uncomfortable.

However, if a male possess of a suitable long hair according to his own circumstances, it make everyone happy. In South Korean, more and more combinations of young people are emerging in entertainment industry. Many men in the composition of the boys have stayed a long hair, but because the hair styling is very appropriate, they look very dynamic. They are highly loved and respected by young people. The increasing number of boys is imitating them too.


This era gave everyone a self-display space. Young people have a more fervent desire to express themselves. The number of long-haired men remains creasing now. Some schoolboys have also been affected and begin to stay the long hair. In order to prevent the development of the phenomena, many schools prohibited boys have long hair. This rule caused a lot of controversy, including someone who is in favor of the school and someone who opposites it. Standing the point of young people, I agree that the boys can stay long hair in school and it should not be prohibited. First before the modern time, many countries had the tradition of long-haired male. This not only makes them more self-confidence but also it is a symbol of status. Science there was this aesthetic standard in the past; it should not have been despicable in modern society.

Secondly this act does not violate any laws. There is no provision which ban the man to have long hair in any country. On the contrary, excessive interference from the school is regard to contain the young person’s innovations, stifling their nature. And, the relationship between dress standards and academic success is not too much. Finally, everyone has the right to choose their own hair, whether male or female. Regardless of long hair or short hair, it is impeccable as long as the hair style is right for you. The society is developing and we must progress our thinking constantly. Too many restrictions would deny young people’s creativity. We should see it with the vision of accepting.


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