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Scientfic Investigatory Project

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Studying in College is very expensive. Still, many students are hoping that they can achieve their goal in life by studying as their key to success despite of many problems that they encountered especially in their financial assistance. In college, even though more students are responsible on how to budget the given allowance for daily purposes but still much of them experienced lack of financial support for the reason that there’s a lot of things you need to accomplished in college which needs money.

This factor has greatly affected to the students because it will go to the point that they can’t spend to buy things for their own interest. As what we noticed today, commercial products are getting expensive which more of us can’t afford and one of this is the body powder product either we admit it or not we want this things as a student.

This factor gives us an idea to investigate a powder which is affordable but applicable to use to the body which we just not only for having it but to help and gives contribution to our mother Earth as it is environmental friendly product which is made from the extract of Manihot Esculenta ( cassava) which undergo through traditional processes.

Having this product is not only best used as an alternative from the commercial body powder and saving the planet Earth but to help us moisture our dry and rough skin as one of the skin problem that the students experienced from too much exposure from the heat of the sun.

Based on our experimentation, we conclude that the body powder made from Manihot Esculenta is effective to use in the body which helps moisturize our skin from dryness and roughness.

* Use as an alternative powder to a commercial body powder * Helps to moisturize dry and rough skin
* To produce an environmental friendly body powder product



1 piece of Manihot Esculenta Knife Strainer Grater
Water 1 piece of Clean Cloth 3 pieces of Tupperware Champaca Flower


1. Wash the Manihot Esculenta to make sure that it is clean and then peel it using knife. 2. Grind the Manihot Esculenta and make sure you have prepared a tupperware under the grater. 3. After grinding the Manihot Esculenta, add a small amount of water and mixed them well. 4. Prepare another tupperware and put the strainer on top of it where you have to strain the grind Manihot Esculenta to get the extract of it. 5. Again, prepare another Tupperware and put a piece of clean cloth on top of it where you have to strain the extract of Manihot Esculenta to make sure it is perfectly strained.

6. Mix the extract for a little moment and just left it for thirty minutes until it looks clear. In this moment, you will see atthe top the yellow extract while at the bottom the white thick wet powder. 7. After thirty minutes, dispose the yellow extract  and just leave the white thick wet powder on the tupperware. 8. Add a small amount of water on the white thick wet powder and mix them for a moment and then leave it for thirty minutes until it looks clear again. 9. Dispose the clear water and just leave again the white thick wet powder and put it in a place where it will captured by the heat of the sun. 10. When it looks like a dry powder, removed it from the heat of the sun and then broke it into small pieces until it really looks like a body powder.

Finally, closely pack the powder together with the champaca flower which helps scented the powder.

We can make a natural powder which is applicable to use as a body powder made from the extract of Manihot Esculenta (cassava). The final step before using the final extract of Manihot Esculenta as a main ingredient to make a powder have to undergone these traditional processes; Ensuring the cleanliness of Manihot Esculenta by washing, shreading, stirring, filtering and last by drying.

Washing| To make sure that the final product is clean we have to be responsible that we startedly do the process of washing.| Shreading| In this process, it is important to shread finely the peeled Manihot Esculenta so that we could get the extract fastly. | Stirring| The extract of Manihot Esculenta should be stirred well to the added small amount of water to get the balance texture.| Filtering| The extract of Manihot Esculenta should undergo in the process of filtering to make sure that the final product is pure.| Drying| To finalize the extract to powder it should be put in the placed under the heat of the sun.|

Based on our observation, the experiments would be successfully made if it will pass through above processes. The powder made from the extract of Manihot Esculenta was tested to be effective as an alternative powder for skin especially for prickly heat.

The final product made by the researchers which is a natural powder made from the extract of Manihot Esculenta have undergone in traditional processes which is applicable to use in the body as a body powder. The researchers made the product in traditional way as their help and contribution to the mother Earth as environmental friendly product. Moreover, the powder made from the extract of Manihot Esculenta was tested to be a best used product as an alternative to the commercial product for its naturality and affordability and for its effectivity in moisturizing skin from dryness and roughness.

* The investigator should be more resourceful for searching new information which the Manihot Esculenta applicable for * Try to test the product if it is applicable to a sensitive skin * Invest a powder which is still made from Manihot Esculenta added with chemical substances


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* http://www.nutrition-and-you.com
* http://www.barryfarm.com/

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