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Riordan Manufacturing HR and Systems Redesign Project

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The purpose of this project will be to appropriate a new Human Resources Client-Server Database system. This new system’s capabilities of centralizing Riordan Manufacturing’s data will increase the overall security of the data within. This was expressed to the IT department because of the increasingly overwhelming amount of personal data currently transmitted across unsecure data-lines, within Riordan. Employee information is taken with the highest regard and securing that information is priority one. Because Riordan Manufacturing has several locations around the country, a centralized database system is needed to secure employee’s information, but remain accessible to the need to know employees that need access to it.

The project will include the building of an inter-company network, capable of communicating between each of the offices. A network upgrade of each location, capable of handling the incoming and outgoing traffic of each location, and the hardware upgrades to the servers need to upgraded as well, able to handle the increased workload. Current System

Riordan Manufacturing currently employs a human resource system that is antiquated and in need of improvement. The majority of the documents generated by the system are hard copy and stored onsite at each Riordan location. The possibility of an event that would cost the company critical documents would cause devastating effects. The current built-in redundancy is used to alleviate this issue; however an electronic system upgrade will alleviate possible future mishaps.

Recovery planning is also lacking with Riordan Manufacturing possessing facilities across multiple nations acquiring access to data and storing it properly have become major concerns. Finally a need to integrate the different individual systems within the human resources department has arisen. Reducing the number of applications required to run the current system would help increase overall productivity of the HR department. Areas of Improvement

Some areas of improvement are storage, and backup capabilities, compatibility, and communication. The current system offers very little in the way of storage and recovery capabilities. A new system should offer each of its branch adequate storage and a centralized-hub for backing-up data among the sites Riordan Manufacturing owns. This central hub would be responsible for maintaining the branch data as well as implementing a recovery plan in the event there is data-loss at a particular branch office.

Compatibility and communication are the last two factors to consider. Each branch’s HR department will require a particular method of communication between the other branches. Compatibility with existing intranet protocols are considered necessary. The varying degree of equipment between each branch will be deemed compatible with multiple platforms to be best employed by each HR department branch office.

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