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Reflective Essay

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Is writing for practice and formal study helpful for students? I believe that formal study of writing not important as one would think. I do believe that writing for practice however does provide a useful tool for anybody’s career. We’re all here to progress our careers by obtaining a degree that would be beneficial to the career we have chosen. For example, I have chosen a career in Computer Science. What I have obtained in my 10 years in this field, in a writing sense, is that reports, memos, and emails are essential to my professional development. Writing these items do not require understanding the full formal study of writing, but instead understanding the basic form of grammar and spelling. Reports do not require most of the common grammar laws but instead, simply put, the need to know of the required information. It is used when any informational work is made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a presentable form. Presentable form can be interpreted from user to user but honestly, the only thing that employers are looking for is ensuring the information they have requested gets to them in a quick and painless manner.

Memo is short for the word memorandum. The primary purpose of a memorandum is convey information, informing decisions made, or documenting a reference for future use. Memos are specific to each organization that uses them there for not easily taught to students. This is because much like the American English Grammar Laws, there are too many variables for one teacher to convey to their students. Emails are considered to be more of a conversion that would otherwise be used for face to face interaction. Writing an email’s really only consists of ensuring that the person(s) you are speaking to understand the purpose of letter. Although reports, memorandums, and emails are not essential to the formal study of writing, it is however useful for practice of writing. Practicing your writing skills can help build skills to become successful at your organization. Practice writing helps build your vocabulary, tactfulness, and your professionalism. Although not everyone believes in what I’m writing is a true fact, but instead of a lazy person that wants nothing to do with English classes at the college level. However, this is a student that believes universities should adapt more to ensuring the students success at their chosen profession.

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