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Realism and Regionalism

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  1. A) Realism 

            Realism” in the world of literature is an extreme effort to illustrate an individual’s conduct and environment or to signify information and things accurately as they operate or become visible in life (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). “Realism”, in addition to the aforementioned, is focused on what can be picked up by the senses (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). The main objective of “realism” according to “George Eliot”, the writer who “introduced realism into English fiction”, is to “provide an authentic or ‘true to life’ depiction of ordinary objects” (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.).

  1. B) Types of Realistic Writing 

            Interestingly, there are several types of “realistic writing” (Chen, n.d., n.p.).  Some of these are the following: “1) family stories; 2) mysteries; 3) stories of social realism; 4) animal stories; 5) sport stories; 6) adventure/survival stories; and 7) historical stories” (Chen, n.d., n.p.). These types depend on “episodic plots” since they are established upon the occurrences of daily life when it comes to what’s going on in the family, society, jungle/zoo, sports world, as well as, history (Chen, n.d., n.p.).

  1. C) Connections Between Regionalism and Realism 

            Regionalism and realism” are still connected with each other in terms of the common characteristics that these two possess (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). For instance, both “regionalism and realism” look deeper into the “characters, dialects, customs, and history” (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). Although both attempts to bring to life certain occurrences, the former adds “sentimentality” into the story (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.).

  1. D) Major Writers of American Realism 

            There are several major writers of “American Realism” (Pittsburg State University, 2003, n.p.). These include: “1) Mark Twain who wrote Huckleberry Finn; 2) Upton Sinclair who wrote The Jungle; 3) Jack London who wrote the Call of the Wild; 4) Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote the Yellow Wallpaper; 5) Stephen Crane who wrote the Red Badge or Courage; and 6) Kate Chopin who wrote the Awakening” (Pittsburg State University, 2003, n.p.).

            The “Yellow Wallpaper” for instance focuses on: women’s issues, significance of self-expression; it articulates issues related on gender, i.e. repression of women, etcetera (Pittsburg State University, 2003, n.p.). “The Jungle” on the other hand, brought to life “the status of working conditions which is exceedingly poor, exploited employees, unsafe working area, etcetera” (Pittsburg State University, 2003, n.p.).

  1. E) Social and Cultural Movements that Prevailed During Realism 

            There were “social and cultural movements” that prevailed during the “age of realism” (Smitha, 2003, n.p.). Some of these are the following: “1) reform movement – where farmers wanted fair shipping rates; 2) Grange movement – where merchants fought for government regulation of shipping rates”; as well as 3) labor movement (Smitha, 2003, n.p.). All these “social and cultural movements” may have motivated the objectives of realism and bringing to life the occurrences in life (Smitha, 2003, n.p.). Take for instance “The Jungle” which brought to life “the status of working conditions which is exceedingly poor, exploited employees, unsafe working area, etcetera” (Pittsburg State University, 2003, n.p.). Without the social and cultural movements that existed during that time, most likely the author of “The Jungle” would not be able to have articulated his novel the way it was brought to life (Pittsburg State University, 2003, n.p.).

  1. Favorite Reading 

            William Dean Howell’s Editha” was my favorite reading because I love how social issues were articulated, focused on and brought to life (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). For instance, the statements of Editha’s fiancé’s mother were too real that the ears are hurt and it goes through the heart as well (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). The pain that the aforementioned mother was going through was excellently brought to life (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.). It was emphasized that it his son sacrificed his life for the wrong reason (Microsoft Encarta, 2009, n.p.).


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