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Rado Watches

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Rado watches prove that all watches are not made equal. Since 1962, Rado has been making luxury watches that are completely scratch-proof — so your investment piece will truly last a lifetime. To learn more about Rado watches, check out the facts below. All about Rado Watches:


1. Rado was formed in 1917 and initially produced watch movements only. Formed by three brothers in the town of Lengnau, Switzerland, under the name Schlup & Co., it wasn’t until 1957 that the company was renamed Rado and began making actual watches. 2. In 1962, Rado produced the world’s first scratch-proof watch. Forty-five years after opening their doors, the Schlup brothers introduced the watch that is now known as DiaStar. Its revolutionary concept set a new standard in luxury watches and earned Rado a spot in the history books. Since then, Rado has been the world’s leader in making scratch-proof watches. 3. Rado continued to explore the world of scratch-proof watches in 1986. Featuring a scratch-proof sapphire crystal surface and a bracelet made of unusually hard ceramics, the Integral was introduced in 1986 and set the precedent for all future Rado watches. 4. The first ladies’ watch from Rado was made in 1996.

Named the DiaQueen, it combines ceramics, gold and real diamonds to make a stunning statement. Scratch-proof yet elegant, the “DiaQueen” combines fashion and function for women who want a unique timepiece. 5. In 1999, Rado took design one step further with the Rado Cerix. Featuring a spiral-shaped bracelet, the Cerix was an innovation from Rado watches that paired great design with quality materials to embody a new generation of luxury watches.

6. Rado watches hold a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. With the introduction of the V10K in 2004, Rado revolutionized watch design. Made by coating the watch with high-tech diamonds, the V10K is the hardest watch on Earth and has the world record to prove it. 7. Since its inception, Rado has received more than 30 design awards. Rado is about more than just state-of-the-art materials, as evidenced by their numerous awards for aesthetic design. From special high-tech ceramic to an innovative watch box that mimics the shape of the human wrist, Rado watches feature style statements.

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