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Prevention of Family Separation At The Border Of Illegal Immigration

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Crying children as they are being separated from there families. Now just imagine that horrible image. Now what if I told u that this occurs everyday,every hour, and every minute. You may also be think that the children reunite, and they do but that’s not the point. The point is why do the children have to suffer inorder for the government to have a point. As a community we need to help stay together amd not let these families separate, because separating this families aren’t benefiting anybody so why do we continue doing this. The on going argument I’m talking about here is whether or not the separation of families at the border does or does not deter illegal immagration. An I believe that it does not deter illegal immigration The separation of families have been in ongoing issue that has affected our society. The separation of families is an issue that needs to end its affecting families.

According to line 2 “If this is true, I will go back. I don’t want to be separated from my kids,” said a woman with three children who arrived here from the violent Mexican state of Michoacán”. This mother does want the best for her kids but she also doesn’t want to take the chance of separating from her children. Based on page 3 the last line “Susana and her children,10-year-old Leni and 7-year-old Litzy, fled El Salvador, a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world. Her son Leni’s father had been murdered by a gang”. These parents eave their homes for many reasons some leave their homes because they want a new life another reason why people their homes is because its not safe anymore where they live. On page 5 line 2 “After months of not knowing if they would never see their loved ones again, these four families were eventually reunited. The reunions are full of emotion — joy, of course, but also pain. Even in her mother’s warm embrace, Litzy asks her: ‘Do you love me?’. The separations of the families affects these families forever and it traumatizes these families its.

Hard for them to forgot about these moments. Once these families are reunited their is lots of emotion when these families are reunited and its a lot to handel with. So why are continuing to separate families knowing the consequences. The separation of families does not deter illegal immigration. According to text 1 line 6 “I believe the United States is a nation that respects human rights”. In addition text 2 line 3 “Each said they fled their homes in Central America hoping to find safety or a better life in the United States”. Also based on text 2 line 21 ”As they await their asylum court dates, the families struggle to cope with the possibility of deportation back to the dangers they say they fought so hard to escape and yearn to make the United States their new home”. Each one of these details continue to back up that even though they continue to be separated at the border. But they continue to cross the border because all they want is the best for them and their children.

In conclusion families keep trying to cross the border are only trying to do the best for their family. I understand that parents want to improve their children’s life but why would they continue to try to cross the border when they know for a fact that all thats gonna happen is that their children are gonna be separated from them. “I believe the United States is a nation that respects human rights,” page 1 line 6. As you can see when the families are deciding to cross the border they think about the pros and cons.“Police (and bandits) look for older people. They don’t look for children. So the parent prefers that they travel alone than to stay in Honduras and be captured by the Mara page 2 line 5”. If the parents don’t even go with there children they wouldn’t even be separated from their families but most of the time the parents are never by themselves.

”As they await their asylum court dates, the families struggle to cope with the possibility of deportation back to the dangers they say they fought so hard to escape — and yearn to make the United States their new home” page 5 line 4. These families take the chance to go to the United States for this specific purpose. As I said from the beginning the separation of families does not deter illegal immigration. Now I say this because families continue to try to cross the border even though they know the consequences. But they don’t consider the consequences they only consider the part the good parts about crossing the border. The good parts are living a better life and making a better life for their children. What we as a society need to start doing is protesting for children to stop being separated from their families and we wont stop protesting until we make a permanent change in our government.

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