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Political Science Essay

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Within the United States people need the government to protect them. A significant role played by the US government is that of advocacy of human nature (rights), which in essence is the origin of the said government. This shows that the government is simply endorsing a view of human nature that pictures people as being inherently greedy, lawless, as well as criminal. If the government is non existent together with the power and laws vested up on it, then even the entire justice /legal system would become equally non existent and this precipitates a civil fall

            The people thus need the government as a means of protecting their fundamental human rights. The government becomes a necessary tool to check on the excess of people or groups within the society so that citizen can live in harmony (http://www.holidays.net/). I believe in limited government. As provided for within the American constitution the whole idea is holistically wrong in principle in spite of its democratic nature or whatever else that might be championed within it is most constants.

 Even though the model is better when compared to most of the world’s democracies they are still entirely / partially wrong. In my view every government with or without the bounds of a constitution becomes a monopoly of various things and in political force, which is inherently unjustifiable and at the moment the citizens accept it the government is bound to become uncontrollable with her excesses at a sooner or later time in the future.

            I know that most people may not subscribe to this school of thought, if anything the America constitution to most citizens as well as to the rest of the world it seems to be such a firm rationale for government with a practical approach for maintaining it within the limits of the constitution as well as the bill of rights. However, the American government has entangled it self in a mesh of laws, powers, taxes as well as regulations with the contemporary issues like recurrent wars, public debt, as well as debased money with a dozen other misdemeanors that can only be addressed with the reconstituting of the constitution.

            For instance the taxes as well as the numerous laws that a vendor has to contend and comply with are seen as being too many. One of the reasons most offered by the government for the occurrence of this is that citizens and the general public needs to be protected. If the government involvement towards taxes, laws as involves business for instance would be minimized most people would be find it less costly. This is due to the costly nature of enforcing these restrictions even other things like roadside stands which still remain unregulated but have not proved to posit great danger to the public (http://www.commondreams.org).

            The definition of an ideology can simply be put as an organized collection of ideas or thoughts. Thus political ideology can generally be termed as a coherent and also consistent set of beliefs by people on who should be in power and rule. The types of tenets leaders and/or rulers are supposed to follow and obey as well as the kind of policies the leaders or rulers are supposed to pursue.

The extent to which people have developed a political ideology is measurable in two ways; first by observing the frequency with which persons converse in relation to a broad political discussion, and secondly by measuring the degree that an individual’s view on any particular issue can be predicted by simply knowing his or her learning or perspective on any another related issues.

            Within the United States, majorities of research that have been carried out have suggested that there is very little political ideological thinking. Liberalism is assumed to entail the favoring of social welfare policies within the United States while strongly opposing the communism abroad. A conservative is viewed as someone who is resistant to change and rather seems to conform to the traditional way of doing things as well as that of thinking.

            In the United States, the 4th of July is usually a federal holiday that is used to commemorate as well as to celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on the same date (4th July 1776). It is a commemoration of the day when the Americans gained their independence from the United Kingdom. The declaration of independence that was crafted by one Thomas Jefferson acts as symbol of liberty.

            At the time declaration was being signed, the United States had about 13 colonies all of which where under the rule of King George (iii) of England. However, there was an increasing unrest within these colonies as relates to taxes, which were to be paid and returned to England. This form of taxation was generally termed as “Taxation Without Representation” born out of the fact that English colonists were not in any way having a representation in the United Kingdom’s parliament and thus had little or no say on the goings on back there.

            The unrest peaked and the king (George iii) had to send extra troops to deal with the situation and curb any growing rebellion. Around 1774, the 13 colonies of the United States sent delegates to represent them in Philadelphia to form what is known as the first ever Continental Congress. Although these delegates were unhappy with the Englishmen, they were not ready to declare war on them as yet.

            The following year in 1775 as the British troops advanced on Concord Massachusetts. An American Paul Revere would go around sounding the alarm that the British were advancing with then activities on his horse though the streets at night. The battle of Concord marked the unofficial beginning war and clamor of colonies for independence. By June 1776, the efforts of king George (iii) and his country had bared no fruits and were continuously becoming hopeless and as such the colonies set up a committee which was charged with the responsibility of comprising a formal declaration of independence.

            The founding fathers of the U.S, such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin among many others, would definitely be proud at the way the system they created turned out to be. The laws and rights they fought for have to an extent been achieved (Mullins williards A. pp.191-192). However, the evolution process would most definitely be a tricky point. For instance, the long era of racial as well as religion and other religious segregations, discrimination within the American society would not be high point for them. Nevertheless they would be elated by the giant strides the country has made toward achieving the American dream.

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