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Marx Essays

Karl Marx Once Dismissed Human Rights As Bourgeois Rights

Karl Marx criticised the very basic human rights and what more he also claimed that that the whole discussion about the rights is just an “ideological nonsense”. (Craig,1998:130) According to Karl Marx, the very basics of human existence, such as a morality, religion, rights and legislative are just bourgeois prejudices, …

Sartre and Marx and Engel's on Freedom

Jean-Paul Sartre’s fundamental views on freedom are simple – mans freedom is absolute. How he comes to this conclusion is more complex. He starts with the assertion that God does not exist. Sartre neither explains this nor makes any attempt to justify his atheism. This does seem a rather risky …

Wal Mart Through the Eyes of Adam Smith and Karl Marx

Wal-Mart’s exponential buying power is forcing smaller, local rivals out of business and is driving factories out of America. This results in job loss and the destruction of established business communities stunting the economic development of the retail sector. According to Smith’s “Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the …

The Main Features of Karl Marx’s Analysis of the Capitalist Mode of Production

Introduction Karl Marx (1818-1883) is argued to have been responsible for the foundation of many Communist regimes in the twentieth century. Although trained in philosophy, Karl Marx had his greatest influence upon the modern world in the fields of Politics and Economy. One of the most important arguments that shaped …

Decent Work

Ever since Karl Marx gave his groundbreaking criticism of the conditions of the proletariat, the world has evolved to continuously better the working conditions of the average laborer. Today a new concept is emerging that hopes to epitomize the ideal working conditions in a civilized society, that concept is Decent …

Karl Marx Conception of Democracy

Introduction Karl Heinrich Marx was born in 1818. He wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848 which deals with clash of the class in the society, denounced capitalism. He predicted that socialism will displace capitalism just as the latter had replaced feudalism. He argued that the structural organization of capitalism was …

United States in the Views of Adam Smith and Karl Marx

Introduction The objective is to analyse the United States political and economic system in the point of view of two prominent economic thinkers, Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Both theories will be used to explore the economic decisions of the United States discussing scarcity, stakeholders and their influence on economic …

Karl Marx Sociology

While each of the sociological theorists make good points as to how society works and why, I was most drawn to Karl Marx and his theories on how Capitalism plays a large role in how society operates. Marx believed that he could study various conflicts that society have and over …

Close Reading of Karl Marx’s Alienated Labor

For Karl Marx, every individual part is only relevant when taken within the scope of the whole. The paragraph on page 331 is emblematic of this notion because it arrives at the culmination of one of Marx’s major points in his theory of alienation: that by working in the capitalistic …

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