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Philosophy of Education

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I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. I help develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. I assist children in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinions and their own ideas. Teach them well and let them lead the way… Every classroom is a unique community of learners that varies in abilities, and learning styles. I teach to the needs of each child so all learners feel capable and successful. I present curriculum that involves the interests of the children bringing learning relevant to life.

I incorporate themes, integrated units, projects, group work, individual work, and hands-on learning in order to make children active learners. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride… My classroom is a caring, and safe environment where each child can grow. I allow children to become responsible members of our classroom community using strategies like; class meetings, positive discipline, and democratic principles. Showing children how to become responsible for themselves as well as their own learning, I give them tools to become successful in life.

Let the children’s laughter… Teaching is a lifelong process of learning, especially learning from the children. Children have taught me to open my mind and my heart to the joys, the innocence, and the diversity of ideas in the world. Therefore, I will never forget how to smile with the new, cherish the old, and laugh with the children. Philosophy of Teaching Every student urns to and can learn. No matter what learning style, what disability, or even what socio-economic huddles they have to overcome. It takes a community to raise a child, and as an educator I must rise to the occasion and take down the hurdles that bar my students from success.

With igh expectations for all students and an overwhelming classroom sense of belief, together our students and our community will bring out the personal best which harbors within each of us. As Falvey states, “Teachers also can play a significant role in their students’ progression by believing or not believing in their abilities and facilitating their potential. When teachers have low expectations for their students, they limit their potential. ”, we as educators must believe each child can learn (pg. 27). It is my ambition and our job expectation as educators to find the medium for which each student can create their masterpiece in education.

Simply put, it my job to discover how my students learn and teach my lessons to my students in a way each child can actively learn and will be engaged. Through experience, the child forms incomplete ideas that may lead to contradictory conclusions; the process of resolving these contradictions leads to increasingly more complex thinking and learning (Flavel, 50). With Flavel’s ideas and studies I want my students to have hands on experience and figure out the puzzle of the problem and in hindsight the content of which they are learning.

If the students can relate to the material whether it be mathematics, history, English, reading or whatever the case maybe; they will project and engage into the subject matter. Rather than teaching in a linear fashion, I use a spiral curriculum to teach. A spiral curriculum is based on a few main topics that are slowly built upon throughout each unit. This results in a recursive process of learning in which students are pushed to continually use past knowledge to gain new knowledge (Smith, 2002). Inquiry is a method of teaching that utilizes students’ innate curiosity to guide the learning process.

Rather than teaching a concept and then showing students examples, inquiry suggests that a teacher should let students explore a problem or phenomenon before explaining it to them to let them attempt to discover the answer for themselves (Bell et al, 2005). This often results in greater motivation and a greater understanding of the topic, especially when the students are successful in achieving understanding on their own. With great instructions and strategies and allowing the student to find success, I can teach them well. Through leadership I will lead the way to greatness.

Showing them the beauty they have inside starts with caring. Authentic caring requires listening, reflecting, trusting and respecting the learner. I honor my student while correcting behavioral issues. This is an important first step to the creation of a safe environment (Freiberg, 33). I show empathy and compassion to all my students, understanding they are people with lives outside the classroom. I cannot control what is out of my room but I can create a safe environment for all my students to learn. That is why I create a positive constitution that all my students sign and create as a class.

I teach my students that all improvement no matter how little is a success and that there are no wrong answers but different way of looking at a problem. I provide an environment that allows each child to feel equal in engaging and their safe that they will not be branded as a fool or ignorant if they answer a question. To conclude, the children are our future. They will become active members of society. In me they will find themselves and I will lead them to the understanding they seek. Along the way we will laugh together, celebrate, and learn; as a team, as a community.

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