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Philosophy Journal

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Journal # 1:

The politics of Islam is interesting because it has always been in consonance with Islam as a religion, moral and guiding principle of Muslims who are also known as the Submitters to the will of Allah (the Islamic term for God). The creation of the Islamic state is a requirement as a foundation of Islam where God, his representatives and followers work together for the love of Islam.

            It is amazing how the Islamic state works. It is always guided by Islamic law which encompasses family relations, socio-economic concerns, administration, legislation and the judiciary, rights and responsibilities of its citizens, peace and security issues as well as international relations. Pondering on it, if this kind of state be applied to any nation for that matter, then it would be a progressive one. Empowered Islamic states will surely have an edge over other countries because laws are established based on the will of God and not merely a creation of the people and leaders who are chosen by the people themselves.

            In Islamic states, democracy is still applied, however, such democracy is a guided one in that freedom is ethically employed compared to non-Islamic democratic states where immorality is dominant and misleading. Going back to politics, in Islamic states, there will be peaceful and righteous politics which is fair to all unlike in non-Islamic states where power is accumulated unjustly. In these cases, only the moneyed can lead the state which is somewhat prejudiced to marginalized sectors of society.

            As a whole, an Islamic state is an ideal state because it is based on ideology. If this type of state is applied universally then people will live fairly and religiously.

Journal # 2:

Justice is a relative issue. What is just for one person may not be just for another and vice versa. Justice and injustice per se co-exist because one cannot feel injustice if he cannot define his concept of justice based on his experiences. Therefore it is important to establish one’s concept of justice before declaring a thing or situation as unjust. For a nation perhaps, the leaders should enunciate a national view of justice which is agreeable to all.

From a personal point of view though, there must be a universal theory of justice aside from an isolated belief on it. This universal perspective is what keeps people from all parts of the world in harmony. Without this, war and riot may exist. If there is war and conflict, development will not be achieved because peace and development go together. With one factor missing, the nation will suffer.

The government plays an important role in maintaining justice in a nation. It is the government that implements the “universal” definition of justice in order to satisfy its constituents. If the government itself is tyrannical and oppressive then its members can feel injustice. In other cases, if there is impartiality among its constituents, then the marginalized members will feel injustice coming from the majority members. Inequality and discrimination can then be extensively felt by the minority.

In conclusion, there is a need for us to determine our basis for justice and injustice to be able to express a viable reason for feeling acceptable or singled out. The sources for these emotions and inferences should be delineated in order for it to be valid and legally binding. Sometimes, the outcry for injustice is improper because of false assumptions of justice. Thus, the basic requirement for declaring justice is to define it first.

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