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Philosophical and Practical Approach for Balancing Issues

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The concept of justice is the quality of being just; rightness equitableness of moral righteousness, equitableness or moral rightness to uphold the justice of a cause. A person resolution of conflict between individuals that is right. How the concept of justice relates to the field of justice

In criminal justice you have to enforce laws and prevent crimes. The concept of justice you have to uphold what is right and do between people. The concept of justice relates to the field of criminal justice, because they work together to achieve fair outcomes in upholding the law for all people that it is involve in a situation. It should be applied when law enforcement officers is called out to a situation. They should listen to all persons involved in the situation. Gathering all information deciding what is fair and what is right according to the law. How can Kohlberg’s stages of moral development be applied to three types of criminals who are at different stages In level one a girl takes a piece of candy from the grocery store while with a parent. Later the parent finds out that she took the candy as for me being a parent I will take my child back to the store to return it. “The concepts of ‘liability age’ and ‘capacity responsibility’ have been widely dissected by researchers in various fields.

However, their application to both criminal and tort liability of children remains inconsistent” Ferreira, N. (2008). I see a police officer and have the police officer talk to her my child about what could happen if my child steals or take anything from a store or a person. In level two if one of my teenagers is shoplifting with one of their friends I will questions her/ him about the new things they been having. I will talk to them about what could happen if they decide to steal anything else from the store or a person. I would let them know if you get caught one day and they notify me to come get them I will suggest that the police to hold them in juvenile for a night are two to teach them a lesson. They will need to learn from the decision and the mistakes that they make and what will happen if they decide to steal or take anything from anyone.

“The Moral Orientation Measure (MOM) was used to assess punishment- and victim-based moral orientation in sexual and non-sexual situations” Van Vugt, E., Jan Stams, G., Dekovic, M., Brugman, D., Rutten, E., & Hendriks, J. (2008). In level three I see my cousin breaking into my neighbor’s house. I immediately contact law enforcement. “In order to establish whether a relationship exists between deterrence and moral reasoning, respondents were administered a questionnaire containing a list of possible factors that could account for deterrence, along with a questionnaire measuring their level of moral reasoning within the conceptual framework developed by Kohlberg” Veneziano, C., & Veneziano, L. (1992).

Ferreira, N. (2008). Putting the Age of Criminal and Tort Liability into Context: A Dialogue between Law and Psychology. International Journal Of Children’s Rights, 16(1), 29-54. Van Vugt, E., Jan Stams, G., Dekovic, M., Brugman, D., Rutten, E., & Hendriks, J. (2008). Moral development of solo juvenile sex offenders. Journal Of Sexual Aggression, 14(2), 99-109. Veneziano, C., & Veneziano, L. (1992). THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DETERRENCE AND MORAL REASONING. Criminal Justice Review (Georgia State University), 17(2), 209-218.

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