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It is no secret that parking at FIU has been an ongoing phenomenon rehashed and disused over before, that has affect both students and faculty tremendously. Almost anyone, who has visited FIU has experienced this unfortunate occurrence. This problem continues to emerge and could become immense, if the campus is expanded by generating the addition of newly enrolled students. Therefore, a functioning solution that will remedy the difficulty of arriving, locating and obtaining a parking space at FIU, will be proposed. Identifying the Problem

The problem of parking at FIU is not so much the number of spaces available for use, but determining where the available spaces are. The primary issue when first arriving at FIU is locating a parking space that is available for use. However, with the vast variety of parking garages and parking lots, it has become a difficult task to depict a specific location that maybe available. This creates back drafts of students entering parking garages and parking lots, searching for available parking spots, only to find that the lot or garage is completely full. At certain times of the day, traffic is congested and there is no certainty which parking spots are available. This predicament might have been over looked and should be revised to enhance the driving experience at FIU. Proposing Systematical Solution

There are several ways to remedy the parking organization at FIU, which will provide students, faculty and even guests a simpler way to navigate throughout the campus in search for a parking space. Monitoring parking spaces

Enhancing text messaging services
Incentivizing the use of carpooling
First, a monitoring system should be placed at each parking garage and parking lot, recording the amount of cars entering and leaving parking spaces. This system is implemented throughout the general public parking and has proven to be an effective system, informing newly arrived drivers the availability of parking spaces, while diluting unnecessary traffic. Second, while drivers will be able to see signs displaying the number of parking spots available, a text messaging service can be utilized to warn drivers in advance which garages and lots are full. This service is cost effective and can be added to the FIU alert system which is already in use. Finally, the FIU parking application used on mobile devices should be revamped to not only display information and update students on the availability of parking locations, but also incentivize the planning of future carpooling. This will allow students to know ahead of time which locations to avoid, where the nearest alternative parking space is available and if carpooling is best available option. Optimizing Proposal Changes

Enhanced parking experienced
Engaged student body cooperation
Reduced traffic
The logistical approach of this magnitude might be concerning and the feasibility of implementing a monitoring system in each parking location could be consider eccentric. Also, the cooperation of each student will be necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the monitoring systems. However, rather than viewing such parameters as consequences, view them as opportunities to symbiotically resolve a solution. If we plan to overcome the infamous parking experience at FIU, the collaboration of the entire university will be the most effective and permanent resolution.

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