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Patch Adams

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There are many drastic differences between the extremely respectable communication of the magnanimous Patch Adams and the almost cataclysmic communication of the normal doctoral staff of the respected medical school, the mental hospital, and the regular hospital that the medical students were trained at. These two different ways of communicating were considerably different in their intentions, their every day morals and values, and even their exceptionally diverse ways of treating patients.

The regular doctors had acceptable intentions although they did not put forth any extra effort to make the patient feel better emotionally. On the other hand Patch Adams had great intentions of making the vulnerable patient feel better physically, emotionally, and in general to completely feel better over all. Patch Adams achieved this by reaching out to the patent and thinking of the ill as people not patents. This assisted Patch in accomplishing unparalleled communication with patients. He was better than any doctor or psychologist, even the geniuses who spent years studying the mind, and the most brilliant sociologists had not even came close to, or even dreamed about reaching his wild and extraordinary goals that he planned to accomplish with flying colors. But the only way he could even come close to pulling off some of the amazing tasks he had placed on his treacherous path was with excellent communication. Also the some of the hardened medical students only had the intentions of racing through medical school just to achieve the privilege of being called doctor, or because the rest of their family had gone to that insanely expensive college, but not to help people or even because they wanted to.

But Patch went to help people, not just for the money like other students there did, no he went to help people, and he knew how, by communicating with the patents not by only prescribing them medicine, but by being a friend. And this is what makes an awesome doctor, one that can communicate with his patients, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe the right medication. Another intention that Patch had was to care for the patients, one of the off the wall ways that he did this was by acting like a clown and making the cancer patients laugh. As seen an immense intention that Patch had that the other doctors didn’t was to communicate with the patients and to think of them as ordinary people and not look down on them.

Also the normal doctors every day morals were shockingly terrible, while Patch’s ethics and morals were right on the money. The were very disrespectful to the nurses and thought of them inferior, as seen in the hilarious movie by the nurses describing some of the atrocious actions that the doctors did regularly such as downright not acknowledging the patients and even the wonderful nurse which are so loyal to them, and even some actions that would make a sailor blush with shame. While patch didn’t expect anyone to answer to him with anymore respect than they would have a hobo. Patch respected everyone with the same amount of adoration as he would have given to his gracious parents. He even cares so much about the people that he creates a completely free hospital. This breathtaking hospital was only in a small cabin but shows his noble morals by bravely jeopardizing his own credit. He even steals for the patients of his humble hospital which is considered a minor risk by Patch even though he could be thrown in a filthy jail. All of this shows how the normal doctors and Patch have drastically different morals, and one of Patches main concerns is to communicate with his patients which in turn shows his exceptionally virtuous ethics and morals.

Another one of the differences between Patch and the regular doctors was their diverse ways of treating patients. While the normal “respectable” doctors used traditional methods of treating patients such as medicine and various surgeries. While Patch resorted to more modern ways of treating patients like talking with them and even playing with them in some cases. One instance that he did this was when he forged a surreal safari for the old man. And as ridiculous as it was the old man had a great time and forgot about the moment, which resulted in the man feeling better. But to do this Patch had to have good communication with the man to be able to know what kind of medicine would help him. Also he is able to help the old woman by putting her in a pool of noodles, yet to do this he had to great communication with the amusing old lady.

In conclusion there are many extreme differences between the respectable communication of the generous Patch Adams and the almost catastrophic communication of the normal doctors. As seen these two different ways of communicating were considerably different in their intentions, their every day morals and values, and even their exceptionally diverse ways of treating patients. In conclusion Patch Adams had far better communication than the other doctors and medical students.

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