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Oxford Dictionary

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According to the Oxford dictionary, volunteerism may be defined as the use or involvement of volunteer labour, especially in community services. I define volunteerism as the act of carrying out activities for the greater benefit of a community with little or no benefit for the individuals carrying out the actions.

Vision 2030 is a strategic road map formulated by the National Development Plan where they wish to guide the country to achieve its goals of sustainable development and prosperity by the year 2030. They articulated a comprehensive strategy around four goals. In my opinion, two of the four goals which are most closely linked to volunteerism include goal 2 which states that Jamaica is secure, cohesive and just, as well as goal 4 which states that Jamaica has a healthy natural environment. I selected goal 2 because through community service, youths can assist in making the various communities more secure by forming projects where it can make the residents less vulnerable. I also selected goal 4 because volunteers may achieve this by cleaning up their environment and various communities. As a result of this volunteers will have assisted in the creation of a healthy and comfortable environment for the Society.

In achieving goal 2 “Jamaica is secure, cohesive and just” through my community service, I may contribute in assisting to form community service programs for the youths in the communities. They could help to clean up their communities through projects such as planting trees and clearing up hiding places that may include vacant lots, alleys, etc. Many communities are perfect hideaways for criminals; therefore forming this project is a way to persuade other residents to be involved with their community. Another contribution may include educating the residents about the various criminal activities occurring in the communities and how they could assist in protecting their communities. Neighbourhood watch is a major way of helping to protect their communities. Through this, other residents will feel more secure. I can also assist in the police station to file reports, statements, finding missing children, etc. as this may increase their productivity. So, when citizens need them, there would not be any holdbacks.

These contributions could benefit the society and I. They could benefit me through experience and being proud of myself knowing that I have done some good for others. As well as they could benefit the society where they would feel safe and secure.

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