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Organized Crime

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“When money is lost, nothing is lost .When education is lost , something is lost .When character is lost ,everything is lost.” Ultimately ,lack of ethical values and virtues are the doorways to the crimes happening around the world .Crime is that offensive act that causes distress to the society .Rate of crimes is increasing at an alarming rate .Crimes occur when desire of an individual and the reality fails to match .

United States of America has recorded highest crime rate of 11,877,218 per 100,000 people .Common crimes around the world include murder ,domestic violence, burglary ,sexual abusement ,massacre ,terrorism .In this century , a lot of serial killers, notorious murderers , terrorists and spies has aroused ,seventy – five percent of who , are in the age groups of 20-40. Is it genetic, hormonal, biological, or cultural conditioning? Do serial killers have any control over their desires? We all experience rage and inappropriate sexual instincts, yet we have some sort of internal cage that keeps our inner monsters locked up. Call it morality or social programming; these internal blockades have long since been trampled down in the psychopathic killer.

Not only have they let loose the monster within, they are virtual slaves to its beastly appetites .There are a class of criminals , who commit crime , not for money, but to just watch the world burn .Many psychotic killers are posing threat to the commons .The agitation and frustration due to many personal reasons like love affairs or past history make them aggressive and indulge them in crime activity .They lack patience and peace to even think before their act .Self-centered nature of people make them indulge in activities to destroy the society just to exhibit their power and stand a chance against the world to rule it .

Castism ruffle the spirits of the religious followers lacking ethical values to cause destruction to the people following other religion. The blood thirst humans , with no values get a pleasure out of blood – shed .There originates terrorism , one of the global threat of life in mass .Terrorists are one group of people , who has been wrongly brought up ,misguided and trained to cause evil to the globe .They lack brotherly-hood. Lack of sympathy on others is the basic cause .Other serious issues are consuming drugs and tobacco .They are a part of crime as they leave a serious impact on society .The want of thrill and sensual pleasures among youth make them commit crimes just for rejoicing themselves .

Entertainment poses a threat as it is believed to have uprooted the seeds of a negative force in children’s mind. Movies influence people to a large extent . Let us consider the gunman issue , who massacred 12 in a theatre while the Batman: Dark knight rises was screened. James Holmes burst into a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado and fired indiscriminately at audience. Unwilling to spare anyone, he killed 12, among them a six-year-old girl. He wounded 59 others, including a three-month-old baby. After his arrest he told police that he was the Joker, Batman’s nemesis. He had consumed the same drug that killed Hethe Ledger , the joker of the film. It is very clear the mad fans of a negative character influences them a lot .Games has’nt spared the youth. Counter strike , Assasins creed ,Mafia wars and much more shooting games focusing on terrorist and anti-terrorist attacks makes the brain to think criminally.

Semion Mogilevich has been described by the FBII as the most dangerous mobster in the world .He is a Ukrainian-born organized crime boss who is believed to be the leader of the Russian Mafia .The so called Brainy Don rose to the position of God father after he gained the control of Solntsevkaya Bratva ,a powerful crime organization from Moscow.They are known for a strict code of violence,drug smuggling ,racketeering , illegal gambling , kidnapping and contract killings.Investigations show that he is from a well-off family .He is educated too. This example well explains , when value fails , there is no salvation .

The world runs a competitive game , where its participants aim to succeed and win over it .Thus they seek a wrong path to achieve their goal in short time. When they get jealous or an insecure feeling of losing their victory , they foul play , attacking the people ahead of them .This is what exactly happening around . Selfishness breeds getting and forgetting .Selflessness leads to giving and forgiving .The present generation lacks love and compassion with the fellow beings.The news of son killing father ,brothers killing each other ,husband killing his wife are truly shocking .They even lack time and patience to think of their present act. Aggression and uncontrollable anger makes them run mad and take bad decisions .It’s all done in a second’s time . Misuse of weaker sex has become too common among the young generation. They do crime for their sensual pleasures .

Higher rate of crimes are from the educated and employed sector who are valueless and fearless. Cyber crime rate is high due to the care-free nature of the high income users who feel poor to use a legal resource. Thus illegality aroused in the use of each product .Manufacturers produce adulterated goods because they are least bothered on the welfare of society .This careless nature failed the manufacturers to produce quality goods .

We are in an era ,where the society is divided into sections based on money .Ambitious nature of commons , wanting more and more and craving for money instigate them to commit crime to satisfy their selfish ends . That’s the point where burglary arises . The people living in abject poverty ,who are homeless and jobless finally end up in stealing other’s treasure and making it theirs as they have no other options left out . This century is behind the tag “Survival of the fittest “ .Thus crime rates increases as each individual thrive to survive by becoming the fittest , at others’ cost .With technological advancement , unemployment is one common issue as machines replaced the manpower during industrial revolution. With the development in IT sector and budding electronic industries , income of technical persons aroused by a great number while the less witted cader are sacked out of jobs .This made them take an alternative route to run their life .

Everyone feels the effects of a bad economy in various ways. Aside from the impact on our jobs and our wallets, turbulent economic conditions create anxiety and can affect the ways in which people perceive their current situation, as well as their opportunities for the future. Many may be surprised by the fact that crime rates seem to be related to our generally gloomy economy. One way to examine this relationship is to see how crime rates follow typical economic indicators, such as unemployment, year-over-year inflation, and output, or the metropolitan statistical area’s (MSA) gross domestic product. With the economic and employment situation bleak, the rise in crime rates simply adds insult to injury.

An uncertain economy creates a general sense of vulnerability among citizens. An argument can certainly be made that the relationship between crime rates and economic conditions occurs due to a widespread sentiment that legitimate opportunities are scarcer for populations vulnerable to engaging in crime. Both unemployment and crime may be symptomatic of this uncertainty, and also create more anxiety as they rise during unsettled times.

Education plays a vital role in shaping up a person in the society. It is very certain that the faulty education has led to crimes as it has less affinity to values .Educational system fails to impart the moral and ethical values among the budding students. Malpractices in exams is a student level crime. The competitiveness in the system has increased the envy and abomination among the students instead of uniting them with love and peace .


All the Crime bosses and drug lords are from a society that lack values .Strong family network and love is the seed for a strong and stable society right from school. Moral education and value education must be reinforced in schools . The religious preachers play an important role in spreading the values and words to the society and help them in following them. Many Hindus feared death according to Garunda purana. This is not the scenario now .Parents should bring up their wards with values and impart them patience and peace-living .Society plays an important role too, in giving equal rights to everyone Government should enforce strict laws .Criminals should fear death before planning to do a crime act .Though we cant eliminate the crimes around the globe and bring upon a clean society , we can put forth the efforts to rise a value based society .

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