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Inflation Essays

Definition of Cost-Push Inflation

The text “Economics” (2nd Edition) by Parkin and Bade gives the following explanation for cost-push inflation: “Inflation can result from a decrease in aggregate supply. The two main sources of decrease in aggregate supply are: •An increase in wage rates •An increase in the prices of raw materials These sources …

Inflation in Bangladesh and Its Reason and Solution

There are number of factors behind the rising trend of inflation in Bangladesh. The factors contributed the most in the rise hike of essential items, particularly food, are slow growth in agriculture, rise in the world prices of food items, sharp depreciation of taka against US dollar and especially against …

Zuber Inc. Case Study

Would you be willing to invest the funds in this country without covering your position? Explain. It looks like investing in this country could be very profitable because the yield offered would be 14 percent (compared to only 9 percent in the US), but there are a few possible dangers …

Macro Review Test

1.Two economists, Smith and Jones, are discussing the currently high unemployment rate. Smith says that something ought to be done quickly because the economy may not be able to restore itself to full employment. Jones says that it is better to take a “hands-off” approach. Which of the following is …

Monetary Aggregate Targeting vs. Inflation Targeting: the Case of the Philippines

1.1 Background of the Study: In almost all countries, monetary authority is governed by a central bank. In some countries, it is called federal reserve or reserve bank. Other countries like Andorra, Monaco and North Korea do not have a central bank due to various reasons. The central bank has …

Monetary Policy Of India

Monetary policy is the process by which monetary authority of a country, generally a central bank controls the supply of money in the economy by exercising its control over interest rates in order to maintain price stability and achieve high economic growth.[1] In India, the central monetary authority is the …

Review of John Hicks' Article 'a Suggested Interpretation of Keynes'

We aim to examine the British economist Sir John Hick’s article ‘Mr Keynes and the “classics”; A suggested interpretation (April 1937)’ in which Hicks seeks to devise a simpler more cruder ‘classical’ model of the imperial, however complicated work of Professor Pigou’s ‘The theory of unemployment’ that will rightfully disagree …

Supply Side Policies

According to Sloman (2000) ‘‘Supply Side economics is the branch of economics that considers how to improve the productive capacity of the economy. It tends to be associated with Monetarist, free market economics’’[i] . These economists tend to emphasise the benefits of making markets, such as labor markets more flexible. …

The Problems of Real Estate Development

Problems of real estate development according to Omole (2001) are; 1. land acquisition problems ; The entire real estate development takes place on land, purchase of land from individuals involves exorbitant price due to the activities of land speculators. The land policy was promulgated in 1978 to solve this problems …

Clothing Industry Analysis

-Global women’s clothing industry is expected to exceed $621 billion in 2014 -12% increase in 5 years -Retailers currently have product surplus from economic recession. Currently taking advantage of rising consumer confidence, retailers are offering discounts and encourage spending -The US womenswear industry was severely affected by the housing and …

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