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Online Student Alumni System

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An Online alumni tracking system is an example of web application which is under the information systems. It helps an academic institution in tracking its alumni. Also, it helps the alumni to communicate with the institution through the use of the internet. It also helps the alumni to get updated with the latest news and upcoming events of the institution. This application can easily be accessed through the use of the internet which will be very useful to the alumni because they can keep in touch with the institution even if they do not visit the school. This application can be very useful especially to those alumni who are now living abroad because they can still get connected with their fellowmen and the institution. This application is also useful because it can make transactions and process paperless.

Nowadays, computer have infiltrated all the aspects of our society. The computer is most likely one of the great technological mechanism for future change. It can now simply make our works easier and lighter. With this great thing it won’t be more useful without the computer’s software. Software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data and instructions, often broken into two major categories: system software that provides the basic non-task-specific functions of the computer, and application software which is used by users to accomplish specific tasks.


The project is to create a system for managing Student alumni data for the Computer Science and Engineering branch of a college. The software components will be a database and an alumni web site. The web site will include various web applications that will be used by alumni and Computer Science staff to manage the data. The software must be extensible as the requirements are likely to change over time. The project is envisaged to be completed in two phases. The initial phase will be the creation of a simple system that will be used to capture data from current final year students before the end of term. The second phase of development will extend the functionality of the system to allow past alumni to register.



To design and develop an online alumni tracking system for PATEROS CATHOLIC HIGHSCHOOL that can help the alumni and placement officer track all alumni easily and disseminate accurate information, generate accurate reports and keep alumni in touch with their fellow alumni and the institution.


* To design and develop a module that will help the alumni and placement officer to communicate with all the alumni through the use of internet.

* The developers designed and developed a module that will help the alumni and placement officer to communicate with all the alumni of the school. This will solve the communication problem between school, the alumni and placement officer and the alumni. Alumni in Pateros Catholic Highschool can easily access this through the use of the internet. In order to achieve this objective, the developers have developed a module that will allow users to chat with each other. Also the developers developed a form in the website that will allow them to post topics in the forums section.

* To design and develop a module that will help the alumni update their personal profile, their information and their current job status online to make it accessible even without them spending much time and effort. The developers designed and developed a module that will help the alumni to update their profiles online. This can help them lessen the time in doing this transaction because they can access the system even when they are working. The developers developed a module that allows the user to display their contact information and status.



* Website interface

The website interface is the user’s view see when the website is visited. The developed system has different structures such as homes, about us, forum, announcements, gallery, members, and joins us.

Home is the main page of the website. It consists of login, register, sitemap and the latest news and events.

About us
This contains all the information about the school alumni association. These are the history, board of director, mission, vision and the contact us.
This contains all the announcements, news, upcoming events and activities posted by the alumni and placement officer.
This contains the photos of activities which involve the alumni of the said school.

This contains all the information regarding the alumni. It has edit profile, upload picture, change password and send message.
Alumni search
This is where the alumni can search for their fellow alumni and their current information.
This will allow the alumni to leave the application.

* User account
1) The system should allow the user to create new profile.
2) The system should provide the user with an interface to
input his/her details.
3) The system should allow the user to view his/her profile. 4) The system should allow the user to change his/her profile preferences.

* Friends
1) The system should provide the user with facilities for user to search his/her friends.
2) The system should provide the user with facilities to view his/her friend’s profile.

* Activities

1) The system should allow users to view alumni activities.
2) The system should allow users to set their activities

Data Requirements

1) Student Profile:
* Name
* Student ID
* Year of graduation

2) Contact Details:
* Permanent (postal) address
* E-mail address

3) Preferences/Permissions
* Disclose e-mail address to other alumni in the same
* Contact preferences (mail, e-mail, etc…)


1) The system should allow users to make notes as and when
2) The system should allow users to view their notes.


1) The system must allow only registered members to
view the site contents.
2) The system must allow users to update/modify only
their accounts.
3) Database administrator should have the authority over
the entire database and should be made possible to
change/modify any database content.

1) The system must have a graphical user interface.

The system is intended to the alumni of Pateros Catholic High school only. Some featured of the system will be limited to those who are non-alumni of this school.



Initially, the name PATEROS CATHOLIC HIGHSCHOOL was adopted because it offered mainly secondary courses with vocational subjects. In accordance with Philippine laws, the school was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 4, 1954 with Registry Number 9011. The school was officially recognized as a learning institution with the issuance of Order No. 180 of Republic Act No. 24 on June 1 1955.

The opening of the Grade School Department in 1961 paved the way for the school’s name to PATEROS CATHOLIC SCHOOL through the initiative of Mrs. Remedios Licsi- Cruz, who was the High School Principal of that time. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 16 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines, Batas Pambansa Bilang 68, the Articles of Incorporation were amended and a new set of by-laws was adopted on September 4, 1980 and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 21, 1983. The transcript of these amended articles and new by-laws of Incorporation was issued on April 25 1983. Pateros Catholic School, better known as PCS, has been under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocesan of Manila. It remains a member of the Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association (MAPSA) and the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines (CEAP). Presently, the institution operates under the newly created Diocese of Pasig and is consequently an active member of Pasig Diocesan Schools System (PaDSS).

Pateros Catholic School presently runs under the Leadership of the First Bishop of the Diocese of Pasig, His Excellency, Most Reverend Francisco C. San Diego, D.D. The newly created Diocese of Pasig marks its formal organizational character with the official installation of Bishop San Diego on August 21, 2003 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Plaza Rizal, Barangay Malinao, Pasig City. The parishes of Taguig, Pateros, and Pasig constitute the organizational memberships of the new diocese. All major policies and decisions governing the institution are coursed through the Board of Trustees of the School.

Presently, Rev. Fr. Roy M.Rosales serves both as School Director and as Parish Priest of San Roque Parish. He is the chief executive officer of the entire educational institution and is delegated with the administrative operation of the school. With him is the Director’s Council who represents the key administrators and decision-makers of the school. Through proper sectoral consultation, the Council exercises official jurisdiction over important policy pronouncements on vital issues affecting the institution. Over the years, Pateros Catholic School has subscribed to the ideals and charisms set by the two patron saints, namely, San Roque and Sta. Marta. Genuine humility, generosity and determination to help others characterized their way of life. Since its establishment in 1951, PCS has served the local church and the community of Pateros and has remained faithful to its commitment to serve the educational needs of learners from the areas of Pateros, Pasig, Taguig and Makati City.

Within the next five years, Pateros Catholic School is bent on achieving an accreditation status in all its academic programs through the concerted efforts and zealous support of the whole school community. Inspired by the gospel of truth and excellence, grounded on the ideals and charisms set by their two patron saints: San Roque and Sta. Marta, and motivated by a strong desire to deepen and to root our commitment in the integral formation of “MEN AND WOMEN OF NOBLE CHARACTER.”


1. To produce graduates who will be Catholic leaders who are integrally formed, with moral conscience and mature faith, balanced by disciplined pursuit of academic excellence.

2. To assist the church and the Nation in the basic formation of the human person, in the context of the national development goals.

3. To nurture an education environment that offers opportunities to the youth and young children especially those who have less in life, a familial atmosphere of prayer, love, care, concern, generosity and simplicity of lifestyle.

4. To focus concern for learning cultural traditions and the growth and development of every individual deeply rooted in gospel values.


1. Nobility of Character

2. Faith

3. Excellence

4. Humble Loving Service


Information Technology Service
The Management Information System Office (M.I.S.) provides the central information technology operations of the school. M.I.S. Office helps identify, select and evaluate technology solutions that will improve overall effectiveness and efficiency of school operations.

Evangelization and Christian Formation Services
PCS aspires to develop integrally formed pupils and students in the person of Christ who will become responsible Catholics. Thus it focuses on the holistic development of the human life by experiencing a true Christian community.

Security Services
An upgraded and state-of-the-art surveillance system is that can be viewed via internet is monitoring round-the-clock the strategic locations of the campus.

Public Address System
Strategic locations in entrances, exits, hallways, common areas, and major offices are installed with a large number of speakers in order to distribute and disseminate a message to the general public around the school campus. The major purpose is to read announcements or declare states of emergency.

Academic and Behavioural Monitoring Services
The Guidance and Counselling Offices in both departments monitor the academic and behavioural performance of pupils. The Guidance Counsellors provide counselling to both parents and pupils on instructional and behavioural concerns. The offices administer diagnostic, achievement and other specialized tests to all learners.

Maintenance Services
The Physical Plant Administrator oversees the general technical supervision of the school plant and property. On the other hand, the Physical Plant Coordinator monitors the structural condition of facilities.

Custodial Services
The Custodial Staff Head supervises the utility personnel in maintaining the over-all cleanliness and orderliness of the school surroundings.



Pateros Catholic School is a parochial educational institution. Inspired by the Gospel of truth and excellence as lived fully by San Roque and Sta. Marta, The PCS family participates in the evangelizing mission of the Church by forming men and women of noble character.


To realize this vision, PCS will become a center of excellence in basic education by offering quality, relevant and Christian educational programs. We commit to build an academic community characterized by professional and personal competence for the integral formation of persons for further studies and above all, for life.

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