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One Way To Keep Yourself Safe

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It is important to be safe at all costs. Safety should always come first no matter what the situation is. One way to be safe is by preventing drunk driving. In order to stop drunk driving bars should have breathalyzers because it can prevent your life from going into waste. The United States should pass a law requiring all bars to have a breathalyzer available to customers. Many accidents happen because of drunk drinking and it could easily be prevented if bars have breathalyzers which allows everyone to do a test before leaving the bar in order to be safe. This can help people know if they are safe enough to drive. Also if cops pull them over, they won’t be so nervous for the breathalyzer test since that person already did it at the bar and knows he/she is not drunk(intoxicated). The lawmaker of Utah, wanted bars to have a breathalyzer to help people choose wisely whether to drive or not after drinking. “Utah lawmaker Greg Hughes is drafting a bill that would require some bars and clubs to have a breathalyzer machine for patrons to test their blood alcohol levels with before deciding whether or not to drive”.

Hughes hopes that this law will help make drunk driving less because customers will have a clear understanding if they are in their right state of mind whether to drive or not. I agree with Hughes because the breathalyzer could change a person’s mind before getting in their car since they know their blood alcohol level is more than .08. “When your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or higher, you’re considered legally impaired in the United States (backtrack.com). This shows that the person is not in their right state of mind to drive by himself. Taking that one test could potentially save your life by stopping you from drunk driving. Imagine driving to your friend’s birthday party not knowing that your blood alcohol level is .08 and all of a sudden you don’t realize that you passed the red light and slammed into a car. Next day you wake up in the hospital bed with broken ribs and then you regret not taking that breathalyzer test before leaving the bar.

Now think how things could’ve gotten so much better and differently if you knew your blood alcohol level (BAC) was above .08 by taking that breathalyzer test and called a cab to drive you instead of you driving. One step can help you be save. Every bar should have breathalyzers available to all customers before leaving the bar because it’s not only the individual’s responsibility that he/she got into that accident. However it’s also the bars responsibility because it should provide something that could tell people whether it’s safe for them to be on the road or not. Some people may argue that breathalyzers in bars doesn’t stop a person from drunk driving because it’s up to that individual to decide whether he/she is safe to drive. “Vending machine breathalyzers are solely for entertainment and education. It is a helpful tool for self-monitoring, and possibly making a good decision.

But they will not prevent someone from getting behind the wheel drunk and attempting to drive” (smartstartinc.com). This quote is saying that people only take that breathalyzer test for fun, they don’t actually care about their blood alcohol level. However I completely disagree with them because everyone should play a part when it comes to safety. “The digital readout is useful in estimating time to when you are safe to drive, ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you” (breathalyzer in every bar to save lives). The bar should play its part by providing customers with breathalyzers, no matter the customers take it seriously or not, at least it will change someone’s mind and save someone’s life by taking the results of the breathalyzer seriously. Saving one life is better than saving no life. In conclusion, everyone should take care of themselves and value their life because what’s the point of regretting over something that you can’t take back. Every bar should have a breathalyzer available to all customers and it’s their choice if they use it or not. But I’m sure it’ll make many people use it since they value their life.

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