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ntroduction Speech: Any Old Bag

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Prepare and present a short speech (2-4 minutes) based on the theme “Any Old Bag Will Do.” Fill any old bag with three items. The bag and each item chosen should symbolize something about your life: the first item should represent something from your past, the second from the present, and the third item representing something about your future. The bag itself should also symbolize something of significance about you. You will display each item one at a time and explain how each item and the bag exemplify you and your life.

The items should be innovative and can be as abstract as you wish as long as you clarify for your audience how it relates to you or a significant situation. Give your audience insight into your interests, hobbies, ambitions, goals, concerns, etc.

Keep in mind that your objects should be large enough to be seen from the back of the room. Passing around objects serves only as a distraction to you and you audience. Also, keep in mind that textbooks, notebooks, pictures, and class schedules may be very common and trite. Strive to be creative.

Make notes on what you plan on saying/elaborating about each item in the outline template. Practicing your speech a few times should be sufficient preparation to do well. Familiarizing yourself with it will also eliminate rambling. Know what you will say (and not say) about each item and the bag. Having a prepared “first statement” and “ending” statement will also help keep you focused.

Make sure to incorporate personal information (home town, major, year in college) along with interesting stories about the items in your bag.
Innovative Examples:
A bag of coffee bought in Venezuela (en-route home from serving in Desert
Storm); a stuffed cow (she claimed to be bull-headed); a map (he claimed to feel lost in life and is searching for direction); an old security blanket (he always will be looking for reassurance); and a brick (to represent a solid marriage).

The bag can be “any old bag,” from a pillow case to a decorated grocery bag, as long as it represents something to you.

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