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Never Give Up Argumentative

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As life starts from the day we start to take the air or the breath that GOD has given to us,our purposes and reasons live start over.Everything has its own reason,anything that we perceive, see and touch.As i grew older started when i was little, I asked my own self for who I am.i wasn’t just playing and playing when I was little,I have a name.My parents named me after a saint (st.john) together with the combination of my fathers name (name).My fathers name was [name],he ws from Zamboangga city.My mother was [name] and she was from iligan city,because there she was born.From the day I was born,I was [name].I was born on January 13, 1996 . I am 17 years old in this present time. My birthplace was at the hillside of palawan , barangay camaman-an Cagayan de Oro City right at my aunt’s house.

I graduated at Camaman-an Elementary School, and finish my high school at MOGCHS in the school year 2012-2013.I am just an average boy/student who lives a simple life.Unfortunately my parents got separated from each other.I am living right now at my grandparents house at the relocation site,calaanan,canitoan cagayan deoro city.I have two siblings namely [name] (Oldest)and [name] (youngest). I am now a freshman a freshman in college.The schools name is M.U.S.T. . My course this time is EMT or electro-mechanical technology.At first,I don’t know about this course,but someone told me that it deals with ROBOTICS,so i decided to grab it .It wasn’t really the course i prefer the most.I wanted to be an architect or an interior designer.Its because i love drawing,sketching and making stuffs with my pen and pencil.

I love to create and have my design,but i wasn’t good at math,so I change the line. I’d like to become a teacher or maybe a SPED teacher,but unluckily,my records for the entrance examination got lost. The dean of education told me that they will allow me to retake the exam and I look for the vacant courses and that’s how i choose it.My motto in life is to “Never give up,just try and try until you succeed,and pray for nothing’s impossible with GOD”.Be positive,life goes on.My ambition is to be a successful man with a good life and a good family. I also want to have my own design of my own house creatively. Maybe in the future i want to be a rich man simply.I wanted to repay the people who tried to give a hand and help me to face the problems that I encounter daily.

We have nothing to do but it’s life,we must accept the fact that challenges is made for us to face and so that it could mold us to be a better person. There are times I wanted to give up but I must not.i always bear on mind that if I give up,I will be nothing.I just think it that way,cause I think that’s the reason why I was born.to FIGHT for life and go forward with the lord.If and only if I could GO back in time,I would tell myself not to regret the things and tell myself that I should create mistakes or failures ine life . Because in failure we learn things,not just things but also knowledgeable wisdom.As I try to pursue my dreams,i know already that it’s just the beginning and not the end that I need to stop.

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