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My Generation

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I decided to write my essay about the positive and negative aspects of my generation because I can write more thoroughly about a subject that is affecting me, than about something I have no real connection with.

Every new generation is different from the one that perceded it, but today the difference is very marked indeed. The gap between the different generations is widening and the children growing up at our time have to face many problems that did not even exist in the past.

This generation is split up in two completely different groups of interest, on the one hand those seeking a career and recognition and on the other hand those who are just interested in having fun.

On the one side the young people of today are better educated, they have more money and they enjoy more freedom. They are able to grow up more quickly and are not so dependent on their parents because they think more for themselves and do not accept the ideals of their elders. The young generation is questioning the assumptions of their parents and disturbing their complacency. They take leave to doubt that the older generations have created the best of all possible worlds. What they reject more than everything is conformity as for example, office hours or clothing. They ask themselves why violent means are part of our world and why so many elders are unhappy and guilt-ridden in their personal lives. The young generation claims that the old have lost touch with what is important because they are obsessed with mean ambitions and material posessions. What the generations of the past could learn from the new one is that enjoyment is not sinful because you can enjoy work and leisure time and get rid of existing inhibitions. It is not wrong to live in the present rather than in the past.

On the other side one defining characteristic of my generation seems to be that we do not care to achieve something in life. The children are spoiled by their parents and that is why they have no ambitions to become independent. The main problem of the kids growing up nowadays is materialism and superficiality. They have no interest in anything but spending the money of their parents for going out and shopping, in general they simply want to have fun. That is why my generation is also called the fun loving one.

As we are living in a world full of terror and hatred, this generation tends to become criminal and dependent on drugs or other substances very easily. It is a generation of sophisticated and egoistic children who do not like to take any obligations or responsibility at all. In most of the families there exists no solidarity between the family members because everyone lives his own life regardless of what is happening next to him. My generation does not show any respect or understanding for older generations because they feel misunderstood by and superior to them. While the kids are struggeling to find an identity, the generation gap that exists today in the eyes of older generations is getting bigger and bigger.

One of the major conflicts today is that there is no social cooperation among human beings and the young people are not interested in changing that situation. That is why the generations of the past despair because of nowadays situation.

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