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My Favorite Time of the Day

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Everyone has a favorite time of the day and I am no exception as I enjoy the late evening time specifically around 8 O’clock PM for many reasons. First, this is the time where I’m done with all my house chores from making the beds early in the morning, prepare 3 different breakfasts and lunches before drooping my girls to school, then pick up some grocery on my way back home, to do some laundry, and more cleaning .By the after noon I make sure that I have the dinner ready for the girls before I pick them up from school, and that is around 3Pm. By the early evening the girls and I do home work, then I clean after dinner while they get some playing time before they start tiding up their room to get ready for bed time. The second reason it is the time where both of my girls get so excited to spend some quality time with me, where we cuddle together under a blanket while I read them a storey from their favorite book.

Hearing them laughing and giggling with such joy makes all my exhaustion worth it. Finally it is the” Me Time”. It starts where I invoke a feeling of calm and tranquility showering away all the stress and the hassle of the day with my favorite lavender body wash. Then I snuggle up in my bed with a cup of hot coco to braise myself for staying away from the junk food all day long ;but if I cheat on any day that warm cup will be chamomile tea .watching my favorite TV show or reading a book is a must in order for me to fell a sleep . The best of all reasons that Eight o’clock is my favorite time of the day is that moment where I fell asleep and my husband gently fixing my head on the pillow, kiss me good night, and the whole world get silent and peaceful .

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