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Music Is an Integral Part of Man

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Regardless of where one is in the world, music has always had a significant impact on most people. Everyone uses music, it connects with people and gives them the opportunity to express different emotions. In the articles “Hip Hop Planet” by James McBride, and “Rock as Art” by Camille Paglia, both authors examine how Hip Hop and Rap culture has evolved. They each express their views by comparing how music was used in the past versus how music is being used in today’s society. The two agree that music has gone form words that empower one to take action to words that are vulgar and violent. These authors bring great insight to the music culture and teach their audiences that we need to embrace the music culture.

James McBride the author of “Hip Hop Planet” claims that he had to dig deep into the origins of Hip Hop in order to truly understand what it is about. He accepts that his assessment of Hip Hop was wrong, this music is culturally significant and has changed our world completely. While at first, he finds it confusing he eventually learns that it is a voice, an opportunity for young people to express themselves. He exemplifies assumptions by stating, “they had no journalism degrees. No money. No credibility. What they did have, however, was talent.” Since the author states this but makes no attempt to prove it, he is assuming that the less priviledged are the one’s with the real talent.

McBride’s purpose is to persuade his audience that Hip Hop is not just noise. As he begins his article he adopts an understanding tone and creates different sections which help guide the audience through his thought process. In the first section McBride is telling a story through the use of an extended metaphor. He gets the reader to understand his fears about the Hip Hop culture and establishes a connection with parents and with those who do not fully understand what Hip Hop is about, “to many of my generation, despite all attempts to exploit it, belittle it , numb it, classify it, and analyze it , hip hop remains an enigma, a clarion call, a cry of “ I am” from the youth of the world” (McBride 26). This shows how McBride is credible on the subject because even though he is not part of the current generation he still understands their passion for the music. Furthermore, he admits that he also was a defiant young adult with similar interest as those of the current generation, “When I was young, I was a knucklehead, too, hearing my own music, my own sounds” (McBride 25), by insulting himself in his opening McBride evokes a humorous response from his audience. Through the use of both ethos and pathos McBride strengths his overall claim that music, specifically Hip Hop music, is a significant part of our world that one should not overlook.

In the article, “Rock as Art” by Camille Paglia, she writes about the death of rock music. She warns the rock musicians that being enslaved to their audiences can eventually lead to their downfalls and stresses that their talent should not be used for business purposes. However, Paglia does not think that rock music is over forever, “ for rock to move forward as an art form, our musicians must be given the opportunity for spiritual development” (Paglia 21).

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