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Mother Tongue Based

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It was indeed a special topic, it was all about MTB (Mother Tongue Based) used as a subject now. There are some objectives given which are: Build Proficiency through Language and Making the Curriculum relevant to Learners (Contextualization and Enhancement). These aims help the teachers to be more effective in this subject matter. There are advantages on this subject: Conforms with K-12 MTB-MLE Competencies, Value- laden, Developmental, Learner- centered Activities, Relevant Literacy and Informational Texts, and lastly Macro Skills and Values Development across content Standard.

These advantages help them master their first language which promotes cognitive development needed to more easily learn a second language. The Skill/ Learning Competencies: Oral Language, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Knowledge, Word Recognition, Fluency, Spelling, Handwriting, Composing, Grammar Awareness, Vocabulary, Book and Print Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Comprehension of Literary Text and lastly Comprehension of Informational Text. These help the learning process of the children to understand what is being discussed and what is being asked of them. They can immediately use their mother tongue to construct and explain their world, articulate their thoughts and add new concepts to what they already know.

All children can learn to read with understanding within the first few years of schooling in a language that they use, in a language that they understand. Children are very participative and most of them have learned to read by this time. And this is one reason why children should listen, speak, read and write first in a language that they use and they understand their Mother Tongue. The use of one’s Mother Tongue is an expression of one’s culture. It aims to develop among the young learners an awareness and appreciation of their own culture.

What will I do? I will apply this; this Mother Tongue helps me to have a greater self confidence in my pronunciations. The children will not laugh at me at the same time they will understand it faster and more accurate. Also, I will spread this to my co-teachers and to other people around me.

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