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Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy Matrix and Essay

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Part 1 Matrix:

Analyze moral, social, and political philosophy by completing the following matrix. Provide a definition of the branch of philosophy as given in a philosophical source (the readings, supplemental materials, or outside academic sources) and list a minimum of three historical developments, theories, key contributors, and principal issues. Bullet point answers are acceptable.



Historical Developments

Schools Of Thought

Key Contributors

Principal Issues

Principals of right and wrong in behavior and ethical code

Good moral judgment,

The philosophical study of moral judgments- value judgments about what is virtuous or base, just or unjust and morally right or wrong, morally sound or unfair or evil, morally proper or improper.

Self – Realism
Meta-ethics Naturalistic, Conceptions
How morals must apply to through and traditional precedence? Traditional,
How do morals apply to thought?

Looking at humans, how ethics should apply through and historical precedence?Movement from Greece to modernity asking about meta-ethics and naturalists fallacies.

Kantian Formalist
Virtue Ethics,
Stoicism ,
Normative Morals,
Detailed Morals,
Relational Ethics,
Applied Morals,
Natural Law,
Cultural Criticism,
Normative Ethics,
Descriptive Ethics,
Applied Ethics,
Evolutionary and Military

St. Augustine
David Hume
John Stuart Mill George Socrates,
Emmanuel Kent,
Elizabeth Anscombe,

What is moral judgment?
What is morally right or wrong?
Is the mortality just a social invention?

Does historical precedent define ethics?

How does self- actualization fit in with the paradigm of values?

What condition benefited by human reasoning? And with a choice?


Philosophical study of society and it institution (Moore & Bruder).

The ways people group together or otherwise act in union topics can include fashion, fads, cults, crowds,

Greek Democracy

In Greece understanding the patterns and nuances of society and effect on humans; moving through political and social changes and how the complexity of the corporation if tempered

Natural Law,
Cultural Criticism,

Situation-ism, individualism,
Philology of language, of the schools of thought
Social Epistemology,
Philology of Social Science’s, of the schools of thought
Philology of Law, of the schools of thought

Thomas Hobbes,
John Rowels,
Jean Jacques,
John Locke,
Karl Marx

How should goods be given in a society?

What are the meaning of laws, the social contact, revolt?

What are the effects of science on culture? What is accountability?

What happens when humans demographics changes?


Part 2 Essay:

Write a 500-word response below that further describes the bullet-point ideas referenced on the matrix under the principal issues column. Principal issues are concerns that arise when considering a particular philosophical school of thought. Include APA citations from the readings, supplemental materials, and outside academic sources.

Morality is a belief or behaviors that judge right or wrong. Many theories believed that morals are good things that come from God, but other may disagree base with a logical explanation. In particular era, slavery was acceptable and doing good deeds for slaves was considered immoral. However, certain morals are not accepted because they contradict other morals. Conflicting issues such as abortion has rise up many controversies issues like women rights, baby’s rights, and moral standing. Each side has it own logical arguments and explanation that create gray areas of doubt (WWW.logical-critical-thinking.com).

Social philosophy deals with various topics in other philosophical categories such as sociology, study of humans, and so on. Social theory has overlap some of its politeness within authority issues. “Social theory addresses more than informal matters such as the social structure of voluntarily formed groups, such as the social power of a celebrity. In this way, we can compare legal power, such as that of a governor, with social power. Social philosophy also deals with social values. Social values can relate to morality, especially in regards to moral theories that define morality by what society encourages and discourages. For this reason, social philosophy can overlap with morality and moral values”. Social philosophy and political philosophy also work hand in hand. Political philosophy reflects on the political system such as cultural practices, economic system, and our pattern of family life. Political philosophy has been around for many centuries.

Political philosophy accepted amount many different cultures around the world, and it could also noticeable in various ways. The main purpose of political philosophy is to establish principles within reason that justify particular practices. Western philosophy relates to our search and knowledge of the truth and how the evolution of culture today came to be. Including all principles and the source of ethical decision making, Western philosophy is found to be at the root of it all. It was first discovered in ancient Greece when the Greeks began to search for truth rejecting positive beliefs, isolating itself from the Eastern philosophical truth established on religion.

Thales of Miletus was discovered to be the first Western philosopher dating back from ancient Greece, paving way for three of the most iconic philosophers: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Philosophy is the critical examination of our most fundamental ideas about ourselves and the world. What is the nature and purpose of human life? How should we treat each other? What kind of society is best? What is our relation to nature? As individuals and as a culture, we have beliefs about these questions even if we don’t talk about them. Our beliefs about them influence the way we live, personally and socially. Philosophy tries to make these ideas apparent and open to reconsideration, hoping thereby to improve human life and the chances of survival of all life on this planet.

To further those goals, philosophers often attempt to define and examine the basic assumptions and methods of other disciplines. Religion, the natural and social sciences, business, economics, literature, art, and education are examples of fields of study about which philosophical questions can raise.

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