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Michael Brown

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McLauglin, Eliott. “What We Know About Michael Brown’s Shooting.” CNN. Cable News Network, August 15, 2014. Web. This article was informing us on the first, basic information that was gathered about the case. It includes stories from both sides of the case and contradictions of both. Such as, if Brown was actually innocent or not and exactly how many times he was shot. Personally, I’m almost certain that this entire case was taken too far. It seems to me like the races of the victim and the officer have a lot to do with the intensity of the case and what everyone else has to say about it. If races weren’t leaked when the story was, would people’s opinions on it be different? I think so.

Jabbar, Kareem Abdul. “The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race.” TIME, August 17, 2014. Web. In this article in the online TIME MAGIZINE, retired African American professional basketball player, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, speaks out with a whole new vision on Michael Brown’s case. He states that the case, along with a few other similar cases, isn’t completely about racism but is also tied into the financial stability of the victims. I completely agree with him on this opinion. Being a person of color is synonymous with being poor, and being poor is synonymous with being a criminal. He also grasped my attention when he brought up the idea of actually battling our enemies instead of our allies. If so many people, of all races, actually want equality among themselves, why fight at each other instead of fighting at the main source of the problem in mass demonstrations, as whole.

Robles, Frances. “Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck At Least 6 Times.” The New York Times, August 17, 2014. Web. Frances Robles, in this article on an autopsy, brings to attention that Michael Brown was shot at least six times. He calls to attention that the bullet wound found on the top of Brown’s head, either indicates that he was charging at the officer with his head down, or that he was surrendering to the police officer. Also, in this article are quotes from witnesses that were found on tape, video, twitter, etc.

One statement made by a witness really caught my attention. A woman heard on a video stated “they shot that boy because they wanted to.” This could be just be her sympathetic statement on a murdered teen, but it could also be her rage that the police officer actually didn’t need to kill Brown. Maybe a few shots to control him, but was killing him really necessary? Everyone has different opinions, that will never change, but I feel like if all witnesses were allowed to speak, and all evidence and facts were brought to light, some people would change their minds on how they look at this case.

Eromosele, Diana. “What They Saw: 5 Eye Witnesses To The Michael Brown Shooting.” The Root Newsletter, August 19, 2014. Web. This article is very similar to most articles pertaining information on eye witnesses of the Michael Brown case. Although this article is definitely leaning more towards Brown’s side of the case and is very in depth about what each eye witness claims to have seen and heard during the altercation between Brown and the police officer. Eromosele points out a set of tweets that were tweeted by a witness by the name of Emmanual Freeman. He tweeted about the gunfire and when someone else tweeted to him asking why the police officer shot at Brown, he replied “no reason, he was running!” He soon tweeted a picture of Brown’s body lying on the ground. I certainly feel the like the photograph was taking it a tad bit too far, but the other information is classic.

To me, it’s perfect evidence in Brown’s favor. If witnesses claim that the police officer had no reason to shoot Brown, and the only witness claiming that he needed to fire shots was the police officer himself, what does that tell you? Other witnesses from this article made statements like “there’s no way to justify it,” and “I witnessed the police chase after the guy – full force!” There’s no way for anyone to know exactly what happened, or exactly who’s at fault or who’s at fault the most, but my strongest opinion would be that Brown might have argued and possibly had encounters with the police officer, but I’m strongly against the officer firing gun shots at him, much less killing him. Especially if, like witnesses claimed, he surrendered, claiming he was unarmed.

Plater, Roz. “Different Side Of The Story: Investigator Confirms Michael Brown Rushed Officer Before He Was Shot.” CNN. Cable News Network, August 18, 2014. Web. Finally! A different side of the case. This is the first article I’ve read that was fully supporting Wilson’s side of the story. Although the witness with all this information claimed to be one of Wilson’s friends, the information adds up and definitely gave me a different view on the entire case. The witness claimed to have seen Brown wrestle with the officer, try to take his gun, then after running because of a gun fire, rushing towards the officer full speed, as to attack him. Once Brown became a threat to the officer, Wilson, of course, would definitely go to drastic measures and protect himself.

All in all, everyone has a different story, a different view, a different opinion. And like I said before, no one will ever really be able to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That’s just humans being humans. Defending themselves and/or their friends. Which any other person would do, as well. Whether it be the right thing to do or not, it’s the human thing to do. After researching this case, I’m still completely undecided on which side I’m not. I guess I’m not really on a side at all. I feel like the entire thing was blown completely out of proportion, mainly because of the races of the victim and the officer. But nonetheless, society will be society.

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