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Mass Media and Popular Culture

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How has mass media a created a relationship among popular culture, mass media and different forms of dissemination? Mass media is any form of communication used to reach a large group of people. There are different types of media; examples of media are magazines, movies, television, books, recording devices, radio and the internet. As time goes on, new and improved technology is developed in the mass media industry for communicating and entertainment purposes. As mass media continues to grow and expand, they developed new and more modern ways of technology. This allowed for more advance ways to communicate and entertain the captive audience. Examples of the new technology that were developed are the internet, digital equipment, video games, and computer games that have entered the market and brought influence to people’s lives.

Mass media enculturation has impacted many people in today’s society because the world is constantly being exposed to mass media in which has affected popular American culture. The impact that mass media has had on enculturation is invasive in communities because information is being transmitted on a daily basis. Television has impacted mass media enculturation in influencing teenagers and adults. Teenagers and adults are constantly being exposed to television shows, reality shows, music, cartoons, and soap operas. Teenagers get more easily influence by mass media because media is a large part of a teenager’s life; teenagers are more concern with their appearance and popularity.

Today, millions of television shows have a lasting impress on teenagers and adults. Many people who watch television are looking for entertainment, rather than action or drama. For example, the music channel “MTV” is a perfect example of mass media and how it affects a person’s culture. MTV has influenced the younger generation in rap, R& B, and news on celebrities’ lifestyles. This television channel advertises other related issues like music, urban clothing, and fast food. MTV receives millions of dollars in profit each year from advertisement. MTV influences teenagers and adults to purchase the new trends in popular American culture.

The relationship among media, advertising and the formation of normative cultural can best be described as popular American culture. Media has several different types of organizations in which society get’s informed about everyday occurrences, trends, and daily news.

Media influences our everyday lives by informing us about several events such as the latest trends in fashion, politics, health concerns, and entertainment. Media can give a certain story big media attention and make the story seem important to the world or it can barely touch on the subject giving little or no importance. This causes the public to believe that the story is or isn’t important due to the amount of coverage it was given. Society is easily influence by what the media says or writes. We learn to base our opinions on what the media says and we are lead to believe that what they say is the only truth.

Examples of media are television shows such as Fox News, CNN, talk show radios, magazines, podcast and the World Wide WebAdvertising is how the media attempts to persuade potential listeners or buyers depending on how the advertising is being used. If advertising is done correctly it will capture the audience attention and the audience will be drawn to what is being presented. Advertising usually provides the name of the product or service and how it can benefit the potential buyer. Examples of advertising are the ads given in the Sunday newspaper, banner ads, billboards, television commercial, and internet ads.

The formation of normative cultural values comes from the influence of media and advertising. Normative cultural is a referred to as being positive in theories, beliefs or propositions. Normative cultural have values in which they determine which actions are right or wrong. Normative cultures often use words such as “would”, “should”, could” to make their scenarios more desirable and have less opposing sides. An example of a normative culture belief is the Health Care Reform bill. A Normative believes that everyone should have health care benefits because it is the right thing to do. If the bill passes residents who do not currently have insurance and residents who have non-group insurance will be able to receive affordable coverage through the health insurance exchange. Media and advertising play a role by making the audience aware of sides, the positive and the negatives of health care reform.

The Internet has taken our culture to another level; we are one of the most advanced nations because the Internet has helped us get there. Now a day, we can use cyberspace to home school our children and even earn a college degree online. It also enables us to communicate with each other from all over the world using web sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Skype. This type of communication as allowed relatives to be in touch from a distance as well as allow soldiers overseas to communicate with their families.

Even though the Internet has many pros there are definitely cons. To some extent it has actually disabled interpersonal communication in the sense that we no longer need to speak to one another face to face. It takes away the intimacy from a conversation such as seeing the other person laugh or smile, or even frown. On the other hand, there are web sites like Skype that allow you to see the other person while you both are having a conversation. The fact that you can see each other is great but what about the need and want for physical touch? At the end of the day, we all have different ways to communicate with others instead of picking up the phone and calling or writing a letter to someone.

The Internet has globalized and many people in countries such as Iraq, Africa, and England are using computers to communicate. This is one of the most positive influences because it permits us to get to know someone from abroad or keep in touch. The Internet has allowed for college students that study overseas to be capable of being in contact with their loved ones. We are able to help by donating to charities all over the world that are fighting for different yet important causes. The Internet also allowed researching to be easier by providing us different knowledgeable web sites. Various individuals may agree that the continuous use of the Internet will slow down the use of interpersonal communication, but on the bright side it is finding new ways to enhance how we communicate with each other.

The American culture prospers from mass media and has become American culture. The continuous invention’s of digital communication technology is so profuse that the definition of mass media has expanded outside the mass media industry. Some critics see this globalization of mass media and its achievements as the accepted outcome of progress in infrastructure technology. Others look at the progress more seriously as a course that permits multinational corporations to develop unbridled.

The impression of the Internet and globalization on popular culture and interpersonal communications are both positive and negative. Globalization and the Internet have an effect on popular culture by making interpersonal communications impersonal. While the Internet and globalization have made interpersonal communications more expedient and efficient, it builds relationships with restrictions. Chatting and e-mailing has become the norm and a substitute of having a personal relationship.

In conclusion, mass media has influenced popular American culture trends and affected the way we live our everyday lives whether or not we realize it. Through mass media it has allowed individuals to become more aware of popular American culture and its influence in the development of self-concept and the impending control in which it has upon our lives. It affects us from everything to finding new ways to keep in contact with someone and viewing television programs that give positive and negative influences to teenagers and adults.


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