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Market Study Organic Detergent

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The product shall be named, “PineFresh”. The name was contrived to establish the product being eco-friendly and adherent to sustainable development. The word “Pine” is derived to denote the tree that symbolizes the symbol of the City of Baguio; which is now receding in number. It also refers to the affiliation of the product as an eco-friendly detergent. “Fresh” is added in order to connote the clean and new experience that will be brought about by using this organic product. In general, PineFresh signifies an eco-friendly product manufactured in Baguio City that will make washing of clothes an experience that does not need to be tedious while helping save the ecological situation of the town because of the organic and ecologically safe materials incorporated in the product.

Properties of the Product
The product shall be manufactured using organic materials at the most ecologically friendly process possible in order to adhere to the product’s aim of providing the people with a product that is made of least environmentally destructive chemicals as possible. The main purpose of this product is to provide the public with a product that exceeds expectations from a detergent in terms of cleanliness and fresh odor while at the same time, give back to the environment through its nondestructive chemicals once it is disposed back to the ground.

The compositions of the detergent are the following:
1. Cornstarch – corn starch was used primarily for starching laundry and industrial uses. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_starch). Starch keeps clothing crisp and helps it resist wrinkling. Starched clothing remains wrinkle-free throughout a day, so your clothing looks as nice in the evening as it did when you first put it on that morning. (http://www.ehow.com/how_1000212_starch-clothes.html#page=0). 2. Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda) – It can be very effective when used in cleaning and scrubbing. Baking soda is commonly added to washing machines as a replacement for softener and to remove odors from clothes.


Baking soda makes a great laundry product because of its mild alkali qualities. Dirt and grease are easily dissolved, while clothes are softened. It is especially helpful in homes with hard water because it will clean clothes better, and prevent the stain buildup that can come with hard water. (http://home.howstuffworks.com/uses-for-baking-soda-clothing-care-ga.htm0 ) 3. Organic Bar Soap – it is made of pure and natural ingredients to protect and enhance the beauty of skin. Organic soap may come with different variety such as calamansi, lemon, tawas, papaya and many others. This is hypo-allergenic, no preservatives and no coloring. Uses of the Product

Organic Detergents are not yet sold within the local market of Baguio City. Residents are used to washing their clothes with synthetic detergent powder that not only destroys the environment; but also gives some detrimental effects on the skin of the user. Just like the synthetic detergent powder available in the market, PineFresh provides the cleansing and disinfecting properties but in comparison, the organic make up of Pine Fresh distinguishes it from other detergents available in the market. The components of PineFresh do not harm the skin and the soil where its residue shall fill in; instead, it shall serve as a compost material and serve as nourishment for the soil and/or the plants. Users of the Product

The target market of PineFresh is the Baguio residents; specifically the household consumers and students. The respondents are those who wash their own clothes and do not have their laundry washed in laundry shops. The patrons are assured that the products shall be subject to the rules and provisions of R.A. 8970, which provides regulations on the production and distribution of laundry and industrial detergents in the Philippines. According to our demand analysis, 93% of the respondents are willing to buy PineFresh. With this result, the partners deem it appropriate to assume that the probability of Baguio City residents to purchase the organic product is high.

Pine Fresh production site shall be located along #452 Naguillian Rd., Purok 18, Irisan, Baguio City. The partners have chosen this location due to its convenience and proximity to the central business district where the product shall be sold. This location is also viable because the area is a prime location for household and boarding houses; as a result, laundry shop businesses can also saturate the area when they have known the product in the area. These laundry shop businesses can order to the production plant at their discretion. C. DEMAND ANALYSIS

The demand of the product is a detrimental factor as to the pursuance of this project. The level of desire of willingness of the market to patronize the product determines the profitability of the business entity. Once it is determined that PineFresh can generate high level of demand from the market, the probability of obtaining a sustainable market share within Baguio City is positive. Questionnaire method is chosen by the partners in acquiring the needed data for this study. Questionnaires were given to respondents both at students and at individual households within Baguio City. Since the target market of the business is the entire populace of Baguio City, the computed demand is based on the entire population of the city with the number of households serving as representatives of the demand of the entire populace. The individual population count was disregarded since families’ consumption of laundry detergent are considered to be under the demand rate per household.

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