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Love Has No Age

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  • Category: Love Novel

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When talking about choosing a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a partner for company in the life, people will always consider the age of the person they are falling in love with. Age is a hot topic in marriage. This essay is talking about a concept that once two people who are both in genuine love and audacious, age does nothing to their romance. It is based on a short novel, Audacious, Brock Adams. This novel connects with concept of love has no age as expressed in the Gerald and Audi’s story by narrating their meeting by chance, then talking each other, knowing each other and falling in love with each other. Adams’s short novel represents these themes through th额使e use of figures detailed descriptions. It begins by showing people that they are falling in genuine love and then telling readers how audacious they are to love. In the novel Audacious, from the beginning of the novel, it shows that Gerald genuinely loves Audi. Because Gerald knows her nearly every specific pattern though she moved lie a ghost(P1). For example, every morning Gerald waited for his train on the same cold concrete bench watching Audi through thick glasses. She was young, frail and thin, waiflike, with short saggy black hair.

She wore tow jackets, Windbreaker over denim—lots of pockets.(P1) What’s more to prove his love to Audi is that she means a lot to Gerald. She made him look forward to the morning. She made him feel sparks. To some extent, Audi take the place of Dolores in his heart as a lover, although she is younger. On page 1, author writes that watching her was the only time that Gerald had felt alive since he found Dolores, his wife of fifty-three years, face-down in her Cheerios on a Sunday morning, dead from a stroke. Moreover, Gerald carefully observes her out of appreciating her inside. He 十genuinely loving Audi’s inward appearance. in “Audacious” on page 1, “Gerald thinks she was good, crafty and swift and clever, Gerald knows what she has done and who she is.” One more evidence is on page 3, Gerald appreciate Audi’s courage to fool the silly cop. Author wrote, “Gerald fell in love with her that morning.” Increasingly he felt in love with her without thinking about their disparity between their ages and other outsider appearance as well.

From Audi’s aspect, her changing views of being with Gerald fully prove their genuine love. On page 5, she said to Gerald, “You’re old enough to be my granddad”, which infers that she firstly thought they won’t be together because love is impossible for that old guys. Nonetheless, Audi changed her mind and felt in love with Gerald once they were living together. She was totally moved by the spirit of Gerald and what Gerald have done to her, like taking care of her, cooking for her, writing a novel for the life with her, drawing her a paint and bring her his wonderful place and fabulous time. They are in true love. Many people in different age find their true love, but they are not audacious enough to accept the truth and daring enough to chase their happiness because of the difference between their ages. In “Audacious”, Gerald and Audi get their romance because they are brave. Firstly, Gerald is audacious to his life. Author uses dialogs, behavior descriptions and detailed descriptions to prove this point. From the dialog and behavior descriptions, on page 2, author wrote that Gerald tried to get his job as a building inspector back, but the contracting business had moved on, far on, from the last time he worked.

The site was now run by a kid who had been an intern when Gerald retired. He had laugh and put his hand on Gerald’s shoulder when he brought up returning to working. ”We’d love to have you back, Gerald,” he said,” but it’s just not safe to have a seventy-four year-old on a construction site.” Gerald had smiled and nodded, shook the kid’s hand. People told him that he’s old and he audaciously accepted the truth outside. From the detailed descriptions, author writes, “His hand seemed old and callused in the young man’s grip. It felt bulky in his pocket as his pocket as he walked away from the site. His skin was weathered and wrinkled. Vividly descried his clumsy body and his old patterns because of his high age. All these show that everything around him was new. He didn’t fit any more. Like implying that love is out at his age too. Secondly, Gerald is audacious to love. After he failed to return his job, he was dared to confess his love to Audi in a smart way. And he is not old inside but humorous and energetic like giving his life rhythm. He is undaunted to pursue what he loves and then he succeed. Firstly, Audi asked Gerald’s age and said, “I’m not going to have sex with you.

You’re old enough to be my granddad.” All these words show that Audi considered the age of who falls in love with her and these words could be a euphemistic refusal. But as Gerald never flinch and always do whatever he wants do for her, like giving her living place and caring her, even always waiting her at the train station with a coffee in his hand which brought for her. That helps Audi to know what kind of person Gerald is. Then she moved by his intrinsic beauty and fall in love with him. Age is no longer a barrier between their romances. Gerald is audacious so that he has the chance to express himself to Audi. Thus, Audi is moved by his inward appearance and be with him. Therefore, Audi is audacious as well. She is daring to ignore age in her romance with Gerald, appreciating him without worrying about his age. In addition, she is audacious for trusting Gerald, following him to his home and the other day. She is bold for going to his house alone in order to live with him. Luck makes them meet each other and true love and “Audacious” behavior ties them together, or they wouldn’t be together. Her audacious gives her chance to get close to Gerald and know him.

Fancy romance begins with their “Audacious” behavior. But some people may say they don’t have the happy ending, because they separated in the end of the story. And their “Audacious” means nothing in the end. In my opinion, their separation is temporary and their hearts are still together. Gerald loved her deeply and genuinely so that he knew family is more important to her. He is thinking good for her from her part. He is audacious to sacrifice his chance to be together with her to send her back to her parents. As Audi, she understood him and she is audacious in the end and she chooses to face her difficulty by herself and leave alone. “Audacious” brought two hearts together. They will reunion. In addition, Adams gave us a novel “Audacious” just like letting Gerald give Audi a paper with a word “Audacious” on it. Gerald is sending Audi a message to encourage her to be brave in love, and Adams sent this article. In a word, love has no age, as long as they love each other intrinsically more than extrinsically, meanwhile, both of them are audacious or they won’t even have a chance to share their precious time with each other. Once they are pursuing true love audaciously, their love will overcome all hardships and dangers.


Brook Adams, ”Audacious”, The Best America Mystery stories 2011 Ed. Harlan Coben and Otto Penzler. Boston Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 1-20 Print.

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