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Beauty Essays

American Beauty is a film that has many theatrical qualities

Sam Mendes has tried hard not to make ‘American Beauty’ a theatrical piece. He states this when he is interviewed by a reporter from time magazine. Sam Mendes has only ever worked in theatre and has won a ‘Toni’ award (an award for theatre). He is very well known for …

Stage Beauty and Othello

The plot of the film Stage Beauty involves the roles of men and women in the theater. At one point, women are not allowed to work as actresses in the theater. So, men will perform the roles of women characters. This ultimately changes in time and women are allowed to …

American Beauty Micro-Analysis Film Studies

The way the first scene is shot also brings up other information about the first two characters, implied to be filmed from a shaky handheld camera; the engage girl speaks directly into the camera almost as if she where talking to the viewers, this almost brings us closer to her …

Zainab's Hair and Beauty Salon

Introduction In this assignment I have been asked to produce a report on the development of a business idea that I have. The report should convince a provider of finance that you have business idea, in task 1 I have to describe my business idea giving the business information such …

Social Values reflected in the film American Beauty

The dominant value of the time in the USA held towards homosexuality was one of acceptance and that it is clearly a normal way to live your life. This is clearly reinforced in the text, American Beauty, where the audience are presented with a respected and loving couple, ‘The Jims.’ …

Mind and Beauty Pageant

Have you ever had at time when you, so much to say but you just could not get it out? You plan what you are going to say but when you speak, your mind goes blind. This happens to me all of the time for some reason and it didn’t …

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales offer children a fantasy world of magic, romance and adventure where pumpkins are transformed into crystal coaches and a kiss from a handsome prince can bring a young girl back to life. But tales like “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Snow White” are also sending strong messages about the …

Giving Justice to the Title Beauty Queen

Being a Bayer Young Environmental Ambassador of the Philippines to Germany 2008 really makes someone more critical and responsive to contemporary issues and concerns. Less seriously but interestingly speaking, it makes someone a celebrity on his/her own right. Last February, Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte, celebrated the annual …

Cinematography: American Beauty

Introduction American Beauty is a 1999 debut feature film for director Sam Mendes and playwright Alan Ball. Starring Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey this drama movie is set in contemporary American suburbs. The film won five Academy Awards including an award for Best Picture. Interestingly, Sam Mendes uses colour, especially …

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