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Love Canal

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Executive Summary:
Love Canal is the name of a district of Niagara Falls in upstate New York. Love Canal referred simultaneously one of the first major toxic waste scandals that powered the emerging environmental consciousness of the carefree 1970s after decades of dealing with chemical waste. Problem Statement:

Hooker Chemical got rid of the site to the Niagara Falls School Board in 1953 selling it for one dollar, explicitly telling them there was waste in place, and asking for immunity in case there were charges about contamination. Heavy rainy days also merged with efforts of building houses in the area liberated the chemical waste that follows a public health emergency call and scandal of a whole community. Hooker Chemical, the company that sold the property, was found guilty of filling the place up with waste. Data Analysis:

The canal is the most horrible environmental tragedy with chemical wastes in the history of the United States. This site was neglected canal; it became a place where chemical wastes amounting for over 22,000 tons were thrown there in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Strange odors came from chemicals on the surface. Children in elementary school seemed to be constantly sick. Statistical evaluations revealed an excessive number of cases of cancer and birth defects in the affected area. A local newspaper revealed the scandal in 1976, and the site was evacuated in 1978. From Love Canal became a prohibited area. Barbed son of 2.4 meters high currently surrounds the site. Key Decision Criteria/Solution:

On 7 August 1978, the President of the United States Jimmy Carter and the federal health emergency called for the use of federal resources and ordered the agency disaster assistance to aid the federal city of Niagara Falls for the handling of Love Canal site. It was the first time in US history that the government utilized their money to aid a city on a natural disaster. Carter has built channels that would transport the chemical garbage to the sewer and sump pumps were sealed off from every home. Recommendation:

It would have been smarter from the School Board not to take the deal Hooker Chemicals offered them. They should have exposed this company to the law enforcement and media. After that, reach the government to ask for help in the treatment of this area where the 22,000 tons of chemical waste were, and of course, evacuate immediately the population surrounding the are not waiting over a year to talk about the mess.

End of case Questions
1. Telling people after a very long time of what was actually going on to the kids and humans being affected by the chemical wastes. Purchasing a territory with a clause that liberated Hooker Chemical from all fault.
2. Her courage and valor in facing everyone and everything that was involved in this case is what made her a courageous women and capable to lead many others to a common objective.
3. They have a systematic approach to these situations, where they utilize their workforce and everything they have to deal with these situations where dioxins and chemical waste are present.

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