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Lincoln Movie Questions

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1.Why was the South so afraid to loose slavery? What did they have a stake? Because they depended on slaves to work on their farms and agriculture, and they had already been living a lifestyle dependent on slaves. If they lost slavery, the slaves would also gain voting rights eventually, and they would then lose power in the government. 2.What is the 13th amendment and why did Lincoln feel he needed to pass the amendment? It is the amendment that would abolish slavery. Lincoln wanted to pass the amendment because he believed the country had to follow the American ideals, which were not being followed with slavery. 3.What did the 13th amendment not grant Black Americans?

Since the 13th amendment was solely made for the purpose of abolishing slavery, the Black Americans would still not have equal rights as the White men, and would not have civil rights. 4.What are two houses of Congress called? What is needed to add an amendment to the constitution? The Senate and the House of Representatives. To be able to pass an amendment, you would need two thirds of the Congress votes. 5.How did the war have an effect on the people of the United States? The people of the United States were devastated after the war, alongside with the country itself. Of course, with the North winning and abolishing slavery, something great was achieved, but the side effects were massive. Besides the fact that many people died in the war, their deaths had impact on their families.

The men’s wives had become widows, their children orphans, and the country was in chaos. The people were depressed, and the economy was in a steep decline. Both sides had had terrible side effects. 6.What are some challenges the United States will have after the War? They will have to get back on their feet after so much devastation. After the war, they would have to rebuild the cities, plantations, and morally support the families who had lost members during the war. Now without slaves to help them rebuild their buildings, the South would have more problems as well. Not only did they have to rebuild the nation’s structure, but they also had to bring back their economy. 7.Why did Lincoln wait to announce that the war was over?

Because he wanted to wait in order to be able to pass the 13th amendment before he did so. If he had announced the end of the war before passing the amendment, he would have had to wait a longer time after the war to be able to implement it into the Constitution.

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