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Let’s Talk About The Philosophy of the Mind

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The mind is an unknown space, an entity which has not been seen, a soul that has not been measured, yet it can manage a to steer a material object that is the body, a vessel if you will, as it moves and develops across this earth. I will examine my consciousness (the mind), as I perceive it and whether I (my mind) has changed over time and whether or not I will survive death. Whether my mind is part of my body or separate from it. Whether my personal identity is changeable or forgets its beginnings. Give reasons to believe that I will survive death and explain what part of me survives. All this with support of evidence and reasons that would support my mind (soul).

My mind has spoken, did you hear it? Probably not although we cannot read the mind or see it for that matter, it is there and exists within or consciousness. As I raise my hand, you are able to see that, a material object, whether in motion or not, is visible. But what about the mind that resides in the body, within the brain, is it visible? If I smile, you can see that, but the intention behind the smile is unknown. What the conscious holds is not visible because it is not a material thing. The conscious (mind), is within the brain that allows for the body to function. Of course, material things tend to fade, wear down over time, but the soul (mind) does not? This is where we find out that the body is very separate from the mind in that the body is a material object that follows the rules of gravity and such. These rules that govern the universe control the fate of the body and all material things. The mind is not governed by these laws because of the nature that it has not been see or measured but is known to exist because we know that we are a thinking thing and therefore we exist. Why is there dementia? What about Alzheimer? What about mental illnesses? This is easily explained, in that not all bodies are perfect.

Sometimes when the mind (soul) enters the body, usually at conception, there might already be deficiencies in that body that will hinder its growth during its stay within the body. We see that in bodies, that have complications at birth or those which are pre-diagnosed with down syndrome that would impair the development of the brain. The soul, which lies within this brain/body, must work in connection with the mind for it to exist. The mind (soul), is there but is misunderstood because we look at the body and its defects from a medical/scientific point of view. Knowing that the mind is separate from the body, certain things come to light when we identify some of their actions to be brilliant under certain physical restraints. These are the signs that the mind is not governed by the laws of material things but that it is hindered by materialistic object, that it is, which do abide by these laws. Knowing that the Laws of Physics do not pertain to the mind (soul), what other things might need explaining about the soul? Does the soul have identity? Does the identity change over time? Am I the same person since my first recollections up until now? Because the soul is your personal identity, it is the identity of the body/brain that it occupies, in the NOW.

Let’s talk about identity. The identity you have, is in the NOW, that makes up your body/brain, for which your mind is now managing. The question is, does the identity change over time. No, it does not, you are who you have been. Identity has been there all along but must now adjust to the functions of the body/mind as it ages. In this process, the body/mind ages but the identity does not. Why? Because we have yet to be able to measure the mind. But once the mind has started its journey, it is the same at 1 as it is at 90. The body/brain, develops and grows, which allows for the identity to express itself. Access to that identity is capable only if we wish to access or remember. But we never change our identity. Sometimes in the NOW, we tend to have glimpse as to who we were a long time ago.

My belief is that minds (souls), are reissued to another body over time until the day in which it can no longer enter a new body and is gone to another place. The mind enters at conception, leaves at time of death, remains in a state of slumber until, another conception takes place. Could be a short period of time or longer. The memories created and recorded in the body/brain are only as good as the recording device, the brain itself. With this said, your new body/brain, will be the vessel from which the mind (soul), will re-establish itself and begin to establish what it once was, the mind. The identity of the mind, having been in slumber, tends to start on a new page that have highlighted passages, words or phrases from past body/brain experience. This highlighted data is few and far between, sometimes a hint here and there of what once was. Although, this new body/brain has a new recording device and nothing was really transferred from the old body/brain, the identity tends to work with this new recorder. But then there are these traces of information from the old body/brain that have been kept by the identity, the mind (soul). These bits of information can come in the form of a dream or unexplained thought or an unexplained vision. Sometimes these bits of information can be brought about from an accident causing those bits of information to be picked up by the device. My actions on the outside, the body/brain, do not define the mind (soul). As the body/brain ages and grows the mind guides and makes the free-will decisions that might have been choices that the personal identity has made. Could all this talk about identity and separate mind and body give way to reincarnation? Is this the way I will survive death? So, what is the part of me that will survive?

The creation of the mind (soul), although I do believe that the spirit, soul, entity, which is not measurable, cannot be seen, or touch is created in the image of God, therefore, we that are made in his image, are not even half of what God is, but just that, only an unmeasurable beingthat is not affected by time or space. Having said all that, the soul, like God, is based on faith. Faith that God is real, faith that there is a place called Heaven, faith that we have a soul that is not part of a dying body/brain. Through theories of philosophy, we come to conclusions about the existence of a God and our spiritual being. There are theories that tend to argue the opposite, but there are few that are convincing otherwise.

Will I survive death? And if so, what part of me survives? Death as we know is inevitable, but what we must know, is death only for the body/brain or is it for the mind as well? What is the connection? In previous statements, I talk about how the soul, becomes the guide to a body/brain. Surviving death is the easy part, living on this earth is the hard part. Death comes but only to the aging vessel that is the body. Know that the body is governed by the Laws of Physics, there is no question as to what dies and what survives. The soul, separate from the body which has not been witnessed, is what will survive. At death, the soul is relinquished from the body/brain to stay dormant for a certain length of time. In that time, the body becomes part of the earth’s dust. The soul will exist in a place yet unknown to us, where it will wait for its fate from God. The soul could be re-issued to another body/brain or be place somewhere else, for those that are religious, it could mean heaven or hell. But because we are made in Gods image, we as souls are everywhere, just dormant. I will survive death in the form of a soul awaiting his fate from God.

Therefore, that which has not been seen or measure but manages to guide my body/brain to develop its self until the moment of death that comes only to the body/brain, will prove to me that my soul will survive beyond that death. My identity will be the same as in this body/brain until its death. The soul will take on a new body/brain and begin to create the identity of that new vessel. So, the body/brain are separate from the mind, Identity is of the body/brain, the mind carries over slight traces of prior identities but because the mind survives.

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