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Learning Patterns

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I have chosen my fiance as the person to analize in this discussion. My fiance and I don’t always understand things the same way. He tends to learn better hands on where I learn better by reading and following directions. He usually jumps into a project without all the information needed to complette it. I’m usually still reading the directions while he’s almost finished putting it together or taking it apart. I sometimes find this hillarious and other times it scares me and frustrates me. His use first is Technical Reasoning. I believe that another use first for him is Precision. He likes to know that he is right and he enjoys researching information to certain things that he is interested in online. He will sometimes spend hours online reading to ensure he has covered every angle possible dealing with whatever topic he is researching at that time. He leaves no room for doubt or mistake in his research. I too use Precision as one of my use first learning patterns and he amazes me with the way he goes in depth searching for information. I don’t always have the patience to cross reference and research as much as he does.

I don’t think he avoids any of his learning patterns. I honestly believe that he uses them all. He has a very creative mind and this would be where his confluence comes into play. He strives to do things in ways that nobody has ever done them before. I too take pride in doing things differently than others do. My opinion would be that he doesn’t use sequence as much as the others though. His researching is on certain things but he often can’t find the words to describe what he may be trying to explain. He seeks knowledge in other areas rather than words and meaning (grammer). This is where our personalities coincide. When he is at a loss for words or can’t spell it or isn’t sure what something means I come in with my knowledge in that department. It makes me feel good to be needed even if it’s only with something as small as spelling a word.

My LCI scores are Sequence 26, Precision 26, Technical Reasoning 18, and Confluence 23.

I think that our differences in our learning styles is what makes us get along so well. The fact that we don’t do things the same way may at times cause problems but at other times it is what helps us to get along and accomplish our goals.

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