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Q1. Create an SWF file that uses screenshots from Ms-Word and displays step by step how a new blank document can be created. The steps must using mouse pointer movements and along with instructions displayed in a callout.

You can use the following instructions:
Instruction 1: Click on Start button on Windows Task bar and open the All Programs menu. Instruction 2: Click to choose Ms Word application from Microsoft Office group. Instruction 3: Go to the File option in the main menu located at the top of Ms Word application. Instruction 4: Click on File ( New option in menu bar. New Document choices will be displayed in the information panel on right. Instruction 5: Select Blank Document option to open a new blank document.

Q2. Create a simple application to accept names and roll numbers by utilizing arrays and display it. Refer to the data entry screen (Screen One) below:

Screen OneScreen Two
a) Name must be only in characters – no special characters or numbers are allowed. b) Roll number must be numeric, non negative and cannot exceed 5 digits c) Once 5 records are stored, no further entry is allowed and Screen Two is displayed. On clicking Finish, show the all names & roll numbers in 2 column matrix (Refer screen Two).

Q3. Create an SWF file whose elements and the associated data are retrieved from an xml file. Please refer to the image given below and create an xml file to code the elements for: a. Page Heading Text

b. Paragraph Text
c. Individual Bullet Text
d. Button – Type(Normal or Image) and Label on button

a) Bullet point one
b) Bullet point two
c) Bullet point three


This is a sample content paragraph being displayed here. This is a sample content paragraph being displayed here. This is a sample content paragraph being displayed here.
This is a sample content paragraph being displayed here.
This is a sample finish.here.cont[pic]ent paragraph being displayed here.

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