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Is war ever justified?

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“Is war ever justified?”
The history of war is as old as the first murder.It is a heinous act which is usually performed either for defend,wealth or property.To those of us who are horrified by war, it is easy to say at once that war is never justified and will totally disagree with this topic. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances in which going to war are justified. Like the war against Jews by Palestinian, war against Indian army by Kashmiries is justified. So I totally agree with this topic that, “Is war ever justified.” First of all, we see that countries are often forced to go to war to defend themselves. A defensive war certainly seems justified. Quite often in history we see examples of countries that are susceptible or even attacked by more belligerent neighbours.In recent times Kuwait was attacked by Iraq. This was clearly an act of antagonism and it is impossible to believe that Iraqis had any justifiable reason.

The Kuwaitis were forced to defend themselves and because of total unpreparedness of their armed forces had to depend on the help of other countries. Another example of justifiable of war is the Second World War. If Britain had not declared war on Germany when they invaded Poland, Jews might still be victimized by the Hitler because he want to have “perfect” race or blonde hair and blue eyes. In addition, it is might possible that most of Europe now not be speaking English or French, Spanish, Portuguese etc., but be speaking German. Britain had to remedy to going to war or nothing would have stopped Germany from getting what they wanted. In addition, many other situations not unlike World War 1 and 2 called for equally strong action to be taken. Some people say that violence never solves anything. Well something’s cannot be solved without violence.

For Hitler, there was nothing to stop him. He believed in a perfect race, nothing else. For their only, to be the people that he wanted. Jews were murdered in the thousands because they did not have the same colour of skin as he wanted, they did not believe in the same things and even because of the clothes that they wore, they were persecuted. I for one would say that to stand back and let that happen is the same as being defined as a murderer. Nevertheless, there are some reasons that make war unjustifiable. In the war, there is always the loss of thousands of innocent lives, wealth and property. Even the greatest scientist of 20th century Albert Einstein condemns war, saying, “I would rather die than to take part in such an abominable business”. War also had a very bad impact on the children because seeing this type of thing in young age fit in their immature mentally that it is right. However, war should not be undertaken lightly. Hence we see that even though most of us abhor war, there are situations when is justified.

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