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Introductory Awareness Of Sensory Loss

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Outcome 1

1. There are many different facts that can have a impact on people with sensory loss. Communication and awareness play big roles in the impact. They may find it difficult to feed themselves, dressing and mobility. Hobbies and interests can have negative impact on their lives. They may also feel scared and alone due to this. There can be positive factors that can help out the person such as increased help, aids for support and a good support team could give them a brighter outlook on life. Organizations might help the Deaf and Blind with many different aspects of their life to support or to helping them find the right kind of support.

2. Some steps that can be taken to overcome the negative factors could be to make sure that areas are clear of obstacles that an individual with sight impairment might trip over or bump into. Make sure that hearing aids are working or that glasses prescriptions are updated Make them aware of all the different groups and organsation that can help them Challenge any discrimination. Make sure you address the person appropriately instead of talking over them as if they are not there.

3. People placing limitations on the person with the sensory loss can be disabling, for example, believing that a blind person can’t manage alone or that deaf people are funny because of the way they talk. These attitudes and beliefs can prevent the person being included in society as an equal. This can then have a negative effect on the person and lead them to believing that they have limitations.

4. Make sure that areas are clear of obstacles that an individual with sight impairment might trip over or bump into, take an individual who has a hearing impairment to a quiet, well lit area to talk, make sure that hearing aids are working or that glasses prescriptions are updated etc. Challenge any discrimination immediately and explain why it is wrong, model good practice, tell someone who is addressing you rather than the individual to speak directly to them, use posters, leaflets and social activities such as coffee mornings to inform the public etc.

Outcome 2

1. Sight loss – identify yourself and you need to make it clear that you are speaking to them and not someone else, they can’t read your body language so you need to be clear about your meanings and directions etc, a noisy environment can make it difficult for them to concentrate on your voice and so on.Hearing loss – be respectful when trying to get their attention eg use a light touch on the arm, if they lip read they need to see your face, you need to speak clearly at a normal pace and tone, you may need to be patient and repeat things. Deafblindness – some of the above and you need to know the levels of deafness and blindness and their preferred method of communication.

2. Effective communication may have a positive impact on the lives of individuals with sensory loss by affecting their physical and mental well-being and make them cope with their sensory loss and maintaining social contact contributed to an improved quality of life.

3. You could provide information for the deaf in picture form, for the blind, via a cd etc.

Outcome 3

1. The main cause of sensory loss is aging, as we age our senses become less and less.
2. Congenital sensory loss meaning we are born with it. Sensory loss can also be caused by an illness or by having an accident.

3. 45% of the population is likely to have sensory loss.

Outcome 4

1. Sight loss – Bumping into things, moving hesitantly or close to the wall, groping for objects, tilting head to see, requesting more light to see, holding books close to face etc. Hearing loss – Having difficulty hearing what others are saying or misunderstanding others, asking people to repeat themselves, listening to music or the television with the volume turned up very high, difficulty hearing the telephone or doorbell etc. Deafblindness – Same as above.

2. Additional advice and support can be sourced from local doctors, hospital, pharmacies or any non-profit bodies.

Outcome 5

1. You can report concerns if you are family to your local doctor or if you are working with a service user and notice the changes you can report this to your line manager by talking to them straight away so they can get in touch with the service users family and doctors.

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