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Intitech vs The Coffee Bean

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1. How would you gauge Peter’s achievement orientation? What are some of the needs not being met for Peter Gibbons at Initech? What changes might improve Peter’s motivation?

Peter Gibbons is clearly subjected to a bad work environment, and lack of motivation which is his primary fuel for really hating his job. His achievement orientatin is low at best, and he has developed an lack of motivation to achieve success. This could have been created by Initech itself, by showing Peter there is no reward to to success. With the micro- managing by 8 different bosses I can definitely see how this frustrating that could become. To me it seems Peter is also lacking incentive for motivation as well as the lack of ability for upward movement in the company. If Intitech would minimize the amount of managers directing a single employee I feel that would greatly reduce the tension being created in the environment. Obvioiusly employees could also use incentive to put out more productive work, so implementing a monthly winner based on the quantity of that productive output will not only allow them to be motivated to work hard for that extra monthly prize but will also create a fun atmosphere among the employees, probably even creat unity and teamwork as well.

2. Would you judge the leaders at Initech as more likely to invoke the Pygmalion or the Golem effect? What about the environment at The Coffee Bean— Pygmalion or Golem effect?

I would judge the Intitech leaders as ones to invoke the Golem effect, because of their lack of interest in the development and success of their employees. As long as their employees reach the minimum amount of output they are happy and call it a successful quarter, verses looking at what their output could be if their employees were working with drive and motivation. At the Coffee Bean the leaders would invoke the Pygmalion effect because they have high expectations of their employees and promote drive, success, and even fun. They are intersted in the incentives that get thei employees working toward a common goal, and then succeeding at it.

3. Why has The Coffee Bean seen such a significant reduction in its turn-over?

People can underestimate the importance of working in a fun and friendly work environment, which is something The Coffee Bean has come to understand. When you have friends at work, have fun at work, look forward to going in and playing games and having fun interacting with customers (instead of hating them), other things like pay, benefits, advancement opportunity, etc. do not seem so important. The Coffee Bean was able to clearly prove this point when they inacted their FISH philosophy, and reduced their employee turnover by 69%. It is incredible what can happen when you just make sure your employees are happy and comfortable at work.

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