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Internally assure the quality of assessment

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The aim of this unit is to assess the performance of a learning and development practitioner with responsibility for the internal quality assurance of assessment. Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria Exemplification

The Learner will:
1. Be able to plan the internal quality assurance of assessment The Learner can:
1.1 Plan monitoring activities according to the requirements of own role 1.2 Make arrangements for internal monitoring activities to assure quality The Learner may provide examples of:
Forward plans with timescales including:
• All units assessed
• All Assessors for whom they are responsible
• All candidate groups
• All assessment sites
• All assessment methods
• All stages of assessment
• Observation of assessment practice
• Sampling decisions and evidence
• Standardisation arrangements
Agreeing plans with those involved
• Assessors
• Managers
• Others 2 © OCR 2010
2. Be able to internally evaluate the quality of assessment
2.1 Carry out internal monitoring activities to quality requirements 2.2 Evaluate assessor expertise and competence in relation to the requirements of their role 2.3 Evaluate the planning and preparation of assessment processes 2.4 Determine whether assessment methods are safe, fair, valid and reliable 2.5 Determine whether assessment decisions are made using the specified criteria 2.6 Compare assessor decisions to ensure they are consistent Records of quality assurance interventions including:

• Observation of assessment practice
• Sampling of decisions and evidence
• Reviewing assessment planning and feedback
• Opportunities for assessors to compare their practice with that of others
• Others Comparing Assessor performance against
• Outcomes of quality assurance
• Assessment strategy
• Company policy
• Awarding Body requirements
• Regulatory requirements
Comparing the approach employed by Assessors against requirements. Reviewing methods used by Assessors against requirements and expected outcomes. Comparing decisions made against national standards and requirements of quality assurance. © OCR 2010 3 Comparing decisions made by different Assessors on the same unit(s)/evidence 3. Be able to internally maintain and improve the quality of assessment 3.1 Provide assessors with feedback, advice and support, including professional development opportunities, which help them to maintain and improve the quality of assessment 3.2 Apply procedures to Standardize assessment practices and outcomes Records of

• Giving constructive feedback on performance
• Identifying learning needs and addressing those needs
• Standardisation activities
• CPD activities carried out
Records of
• Observation of assessment practice
• Sampling activities
• Standardisation activities
4. Be able to manage information relevant to the internal quality assurance of assessment 4.1 Apply procedures for recording, storing and reporting information relating to internal quality assurance 4.2 Follow procedures to maintain confidentiality of internal quality assurance information How records are stored.

How security and confidentiality of information is managed.
How information obtained is used.
The application of:
• Data Protection
• Confidentiality
• Awarding Body and Regulatory requirements
5. Be able to maintain legal and good practice requirements when internally monitoring and maintaining the quality of assessment 5.1 Apply relevant policies, procedures and legislation in relation to internal quality assurance, including those for health, safety and welfare 5.2 Apply requirements for Records of how these are applied

• Data Protection
• Safeguarding
• Equality of opportunity
• Diversity
• Health and Safety
• Company policy
• Awarding Body and regulatory requirements 4 © OCR 2010 equality and diversity and, where appropriate, bilingualism, in relation to internal quality assurance 5.3 Critically reflect on own practice in internally assuring the quality of assessment 5.4 Maintain the currency of own expertise and competence in internally assuring the quality of assessment What the requirements are and how they have been applied to EQA
Records of
• Reviewing actual against expected outcomes
• Analysing strengths and weaknesses
• Obtaining feedback from others
• Adapting practice as required
Records of activities undertaken
• Training courses
• Appraisals
• Personal development log
• Other relevant activity

The aim of this unit is to assess the candidate’s performance in assuring the quality of assessment from within an organisation or assessment centre. All learning outcomes in this unit must be assessed using methods appropriate to the candidate IQA’s performance. These must include:

• observation of performance
• examining products of work
• questioning.
Direct evidence of this kind may be supplemented, where necessary, by professional discussion, reflective accounts or witness testimony.
Simulations are not allowed.
There must be valid, authentic and sufficient evidence for all the assessment criteria. Holistic assessment is encouraged and one piece of evidence may be used to meet the requirements of more than one assessment criterion. © OCR 2010 5 Evidence requirements

Evidence must come from the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) candidate’s performance in the work environment. There must be evidence of the IQA candidate monitoring a minimum of two assessors, each with a minimum of two candidates of their own, through components of a qualification.

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