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In Praise of the F Word Response

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Why has it become so easy for students to slide by in school? In society today, some students are being cheated by the educational system, leading them to be unprepared for the real world expectations. Sherry expands on the topic of kids that are unable to complete basic tasks that involve literacy. Sherry begins to explain what could happen to students in the future if they are not taught basic learning skills. She states her thesis by saying, “Their validity will be questioned only when their employers discover that these graduates are semi-literate.” Sherry accurately discusses the possibility of future bumps in the road for these illiterate students.

Although I believe Sherry states valid points, and introduces facts that should be brought to the attention of every school system, I do not believe she provides another side to her argument. The article is more expressive of the fact that kids are illiterate due to a poor teaching style in high school. She provides examples of particular instances that occur frequently in high school, but fails to state an opposing side to her argument. In this essay, the “F word” refers to failure. Sherry says that passing kids who have not fully learned, cheats them and their future employers. Referring to failure as the F word catches the attention of more people because it leaves people to wonder what the F word means. Therefore, I do believe giving it a nickname increases the effectiveness in this particular essay.

Sherry shares her thoughts in this essay to inform readers of how important knowledge really is in life. I believe her intended audience is directed towards students, parents, and educators. The article is directly stated in order for the audience to comprehend and grasp her intended argument. Sherry explains her first-hand experience with students that slide by in high school, and elaborates on the benefits of flunking kids that do not put forth any effort. I believe she is qualified and accurate in her statement because flunking a student will help them realize what should be number one on their priority list. If a student is not willing to learn what is presented to them the first time, flunking them might help the realization factor come into play.

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