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I Developing Yourself And Others

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Activist – learns best by being having ago, hands on approach Reflector – learns best by observing, then acts upon this
Theorist – want the bigger picture, not satisfied with what’s been given to them, prefer to read a manual. Pragmatist- very practical person by nature, will only want to learn if they think useful or value to them.

To identify my own learning style I completed Honey and Mumford (above)questionnaire my highest scores were very close which identifies I prefer having a hands on approach, by observing. I also asked a team member to complete the same questionnaire and this suggested they were pragmatist and had a very practical approach AC 1.2

to identify my own personal needs I would use the SWOT analysis Strengths – communication with internal and external customers, be proactive Weaknesses – Time management, identify which is the most important, learn to say No Opportunities – what training would help me progress my job role Threats – Competition from other suppliers , market place change so uniform is not compulsory

I also asked another work colleague to complete the same analysis and I was not surprised we had different answers strengths – attention to detail
Weaknesses – communication
opportunities – work shadow so could be more flexible
Threat – if they don’t take on extra responsibilities may feel left behind AC 1.3
potential barriers for learning could be
no financial benefit
not relevant to their job role
no point in training an old dog new tricks
AC 1.4
whilst there is no financial benefit, you would like to confirm they are one of your best workers and would like to share their knowledge, great ego booster whilst it may not relevant now but in 2, 5 years the business needs may change so make them more flexible think they cannot learn anything new , let them know they are becoming more marketable to other organisations, more strings to their bow.

AC 2.1
to develop my learning I expressed an interest in work shadowing our supply chain so I could understand the challenges they come across to get stock into our warehouse. I also seem to be a natural leader in the office and felt that I could benefit from a leadership course so I could help motivate fellow team members. to develop my colleague I suggested she had me as a mentor, I have worked for the company for over 25 years and felt I could check /assist and develop a good working relationship with them. I have also started to put together a guided learning manual , I like to call it the bible so we have structure on inputting data. AC 2.2

to support my development in this role I have been enrolled on a training course and so that my work load is not jeopardised I can put my email out of office on. as we have now got the bible in place this is a great tool to refer back to if you are doing a task that you have not done for a while, e.g pricing up special offers, how to input a blanket order.

AC 2.3
to achieve learning objectives a personal development plan is ideal as below, this is passed to team members to complete. Manager

A personal development plan is the perfect tool to use to monitor the development



Need Dev.

Need Dev.

Job knowledge

Understands and applies existing skills and knowledge to benefit overall job performance.

Has the ability to contribute both tactically and strategically.

Stays abreast of trends and new developments in his/her position.

Understands how the role fits and relates to other parts of the business.

Is able to work successfully within his/her immediate team and with other levels/areas of the business.


Represents and articulates viewpoints in a positive way to influence the right outcomes.

Communicates effectively with individuals up, down and across the organization.

Presents opinions accurately and persuasively, both one-on-one and to a group.

Effectively communicates to all those who need to be informed.

Effectively practices active listening.

Form 2 – Personal Development Planning Worksheet






Time in Position:

1. What progress has been made against last year’s development plan?

2. What new assignments or responsibilities are you interested in during the next 12 months and what are your skills/strengths to support these?

3. What are your immediate term (1-3 year) and long-term career interests?

4. What skills do you need to develop in order to be more effective in your current position?

5. In your view, what skill areas are required to support your career objectives over the immediate (1-3 years) and long term (5-7 years)

6. Based on your your responses to questions 3, 4 and 5 above, what specific work assignments, managerial support or training activities do you feel with help you meet your objectives? How can the company help your development?

7. Are there any other areas you would like to discuss in relation to the above or something else?

Managers Signature

Employees Signature

Form 3 – Development Plan






Time in Position:

1. Please list your development needs in order of priority

2. What activities, projects, assignments, managerial support, etc., are needed to address development needs? (Please include target dates where appropriate)

3. What training programs are needed over the next year to address any development needs?

Managers Signature

Employees Signature

AC 2.4
A method that can be used to monitor the development plan is a continuous assessment, just a informal chat asking how are they doing, do they have any questions that I can help them with so they feel supported throughout the journey. produce a user friendly feedback questionnaire perhaps with smiley faces to access how they feel they have developed my goal for achieving my own development will be evidence of a qualification at the end of this training course

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