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How to Write an Explanatory Essay

14 Jun 2018
How to Write an Explanatory Essay

What is an Explanatory Essay

As a matter of fact, an explanatory essay is a specific type of academic works that are focused on the presentation and interpretation of the certain idea, case or event. This type of academic paper is aimed at simplifying concepts that are difficult to understand. Starting to work on the explanatory essay, the writer should always keep in mind that his or her mission is to make the audience comprehend the represented viewpoint in the work, analyze and find solutions to its issues. It is quite a complicated task to effectively introduce, develop and explain the main point of the explanatory essay. In this regard, it is relevant to consider valid tips and strategies for writing such papers.

Explanatory Essay Topics

To begin with, when you start working on your explanatory essay, you should research its topic first. In essence, at the primary stage of your writing process, you should think what you are going to introduce to your readers in your essay.  As an illustration, you may also take a look at typical explanatory essay topics. It will help you to expand your vision regarding such kind of paper and consequently, it will reduce your time and efforts for creating your own topic.

Good Explanatory Essay Topics

There is a wide variety of explanatory essay topics of different areas of expertise. For instance, writing the explanatory essay in history, it would be relevant to review such topics as

“The Causes of the Vietnam War”,

“Compare and Contrast of Great Depression to the Contemporary Economic Conditions”,

“The Effect of British Colonization on India”.

The most appropriate topics for explanatory essays in social science are

“The Causes of Poverty”,

“What is Laziness?”,

“The Effect of Noise Pollution to Society”.

If you are assigned to write the explanatory essay from the discipline health care, you are welcome to choose one of the offered topics such as

“How Does the Health Education Affect Young Generation?”,

“Define the Effect of the Red Wine on Human Health”,

“Positive and Negative Outcomes of the Affordable Care Act”.

In case you cannot select the proper essay topic in media and technologies, you may consider such as “The Influence of Music on Personal Well-being”,

“The Meaning and Effect of Social Media on Society”,

“What is an Artificial Intelligence?”,

“The Impact of Technology on Education”.

The examples of literature explanatory essay topics are

“Three Key Symbols of Romeo and Juliet”,

«What Are the Peculiar Gender Roles in the Play A Doll’s House”,

“Compare and Contrast of Gender Roles in the Play A Doll’s House to the Ones in the Contemporary Society”,

“The Most Essential Points of Macbeth”.

The most peculiar explanatory essay topics in the field of science are

“Causes and Effects of the Polar Vortex”.

“Identify the Danger of the Nuclear Power”,

“The Effect of Genetically Modified Organisms on Human Health”,

“Explain the Way the Cloud in the Bottle Occurs”.

Hence, there are numerous examples of explanatory essay topics that belong to their specific areas of expertise.  Considering them, it becomes safe to conclude that a good topic of the explanatory essay should clearly demonstrate the point that will be subsequently demonstrated and analyzed in the paper.

Easy Explanatory Essay Topics

The typical scheme for the good explanatory essay topic can be as follows: Explain/Identify+The Object of Your Study. Writing the explanatory paper, you may also consider easy topics that directly set the question to researcher which answer the writer should introduce and thoroughly argue in the work. As an illustration, you may use such types of easy titles as “What are the Causes of Global warming?” or “Explain the Similarities and Differences between Diploid and Haploid Cells”.

Explanatory Essay Structure

Once you selected and constructed the topic for your explanatory essay, the next important stage of your writing process is to follow its structure. Similarly to other academic works, the structure of the explanatory essay is the introduction, the body, and the conclusive part, but the tips and requirements for writing all these sections are completely different.

How to Start Explanatory Essay

The introductory part of the explanatory essay involves three key elements, namely a hook statement that is directed to grab the reader’s attention, important background information regarding your topic that shouldn’t present notorious knowledge and the last essential aspect is thesis statement that should directly demonstrate the goal of your research. These items assist you in developing an interesting, consistent and reasonable introduction that will give a clear image for your readers to follow.

Essay Body Paragraphs

Despite the fact that the body of the explanatory essay requires the interpretation of a wide variety of various information, it should not contain more than three paragraphs. The style of each body paragraph should be similar but their points should vary. The first paragraph of the body part should be started with a topic statement that will thoroughly explain what idea you are going to discuss in this section. After that, introduce the specific claim that supports thesis statement of your work. The final third paragraph of the body should be based on concluding sentences that summarize the relevance of your statements in relation to the thesis statement of your paper. It is also important to note that the point of each body paragraph should easily flow from one to another. Following the algorithm of three paragraphs, you will successfully create a clear, consistent and well-organized body for your explanatory essay.

How to End an Explanatory Essay

The last but not the least part of your work that is the conclusion should also include three main components that play a crucial role in appropriate culminating the explanatory paper.

Explanatory Essay Conclusion

Firstly, you should restate your thesis statement in order to remind your audience the major focus of your essay. Secondly, you should summarize the points represented in the body part. Lastly, you should demonstrate the value of the issue you argued in your work, encouraging your audience to action, making them proceed to study your topic. Finishing your work in this way, you will make it valuable and attractive to readers.

Explanatory Essay Outline

Another important tip for writing the explanatory essay is following its outline that will enable you to effectively begin your writing, consistently develop your ideas and logically complete it. The outline of the explanatory essay looks in the following way:

  1.    Introduction
  2.    Hook Statement.
  3.    Background Information of the Topic.
  4.    Thesis Statement.
  5.    Body
  6.    Point 1. Supporting Fact.
  7.    Point 2. Supporting Evidence.
  8.    Point 3. Supporting Argument.
  9.    Conclusion
  10.    Restatement of Thesis.
  11.    Summary of Key Points.
  12.    Raising Unresolved Issues.

Explanatory Essay Rubric

Following the evaluation rubric of the explanatory paper will help you to thoroughly follow its requirements, complete all its gaps and make it appropriately accomplished. The evaluation rubric of the explanatory essay involves such important criteria as the organization, the development of ideas, the usage of language conventions, content-area expertise and assertion.

Explanatory Essay Examples

Starting to work on your explanatory essay, consider its best examples completed by other writers. It will effectively help you to get inspiration and the pattern to write your own one.

To conclude, the explanatory essay is quite a challenging assignment to the author since it implies the effective presentation and interpretation of certain research question. However, valuable strategies for writing it make its creating process easy and accessible.  Hence, when you write the explanatory essay, select its the best topic, follow the outline and evaluation rubric. Also, do not forget to consider all important aspects of the introduction, the body part, and conclusion. Hereafter, you are safe to develop a perfect, interested and accurately constructed piece.

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